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FETC 2018 – Technology track

January 24, 2018

Look! It’s a new year, and visiting Orlando for the Future of Education Technology Conference! This is a series of blog posts that are essentially my notes from the various sessions. You may find it interesting, you might find it boring – sorry.

This first session was all about explaining the technology track for the conference. The three speakers talked about the basics, session locations, how to get around, and some previews from their sessions and favourite sessions.


Derrick Brown – Chief Innovation Officer – Evergreen Public Schools (Wa)

  • 27,000 Students, 37 schools, 1600 teachers, $350 M annual budget
  • 6th largest school district – Southwest Washington

IT Leaders are:

  • Bridge Builders
  • Chief Storytellers
  • Collaborators
  • Resultants

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Cyber-Security
  • Educational Technology
  • Information Technology Services
  • Applications (SIS and Digital Instructional Ecosystem), Tech Support Services, network Infrastructure & Operations, IT Finance & Purchasing

Bruce Umpstead – FETC 2018 IT Track Chairperson and Managing Partner ScaleUp Education Partners

Bruce briefly spoke about the track, and suggestions – like don’t miss keynotes and important announcements. Pick a topic and stick with that one. Network – never eat lunch alone, find your tribe. Breathe! And don’t get overwhelmed, have fun and reflect nightly. If a session is full, have a plan B.

Think of ways to share with your team, you may have to justify attending again in the future.

Presentations will be uploaded to a “website” after they are completed. They will be tweeted out!

Apparently there is a document put out by the US Federal Government about technology infrastructure for schools.

“Building Technology Infrastructure for Learning” June 2017 US Department of Education

Caitlin E. Krause

Learning Futurist – Mindwise @MindWise_CK

The Future

Book: Homo Deus – Yuval Noah Harari

Todd’s Notes:

All three presenters spoke briefly about their sessions and also some of their picks for sessions that would be good to see and participate in. It was a good session to get started, and especially for new attendees to get a bit of a head start on determining their plans for the rest of the conference. Each of the three presenters had some great content and were clearly interested in helping everyone to have a GREAT conference.



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