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Attribution – Christine Horner

November 15, 2017

Cover - AttributionToday’s book: Attribution by Christine Horner
Published in 2017 by: in the garden Publishing
Location: Todd’s Library

So a good friend of mine recommended looking at LibraryThing – a website and an iOS app for managing my book collection (which has grown to in excess of 1,300 books!)

As part of LibraryThing I became a member of the Early Reviewers Group, which occasionally works out that I get a free book in exchange for a review. Cool, eh?

So to the book – Attribution. Attribution is a story told in the near future, a future where water has become scarce and a new company has risen from this issue to help manage water around the world – and of course the world is still not all getting along, and there are plenty of players who want all the glory and wealth. Turns out that not only do you need water, but you also need rare earth minerals to de-salinate the water to make it drinkable. Of course the majority of the story takes place in the USA, but has many references to other countries, and even the Nobel prizes.

The main character, Truby, seems to be some sort of journalist, stuck in a remote part of Yellowstone National Park. Why she is there, how she got there, and why she is the protagonist is a mystery until near the end of the book. The book goes back and forth in time telling the story of a young girl genius who helps solve the water problem, but how this young girl is connected with Truby is a grand mystery until almost the very end. (No, it is not her mother, or the grown up version of the girl)

I found the story very fascinating, and had so many unanswered questions, that I couldn’t stop reading, although if I’m honest with myself, I probably could have stopped reading and not missed the book. But I wanted to see what happened.

Ultimately it had a very unique twist, that I’ve NEVER seen in the thousands of books that I have read. Not sure if the author is trying to make a specific point, or just using a very unusual form of hiding people in a futuristic Witness Protection Program. I’m going to go with the latter. Of course as this monster twist unfolds, it creates a whole new scenario to play out and see how the characters are affected. I think this would have made a great series of books – this story line could have made it into two books at least, and been a very awesome read. However the way it was wrapped up, well, it kinda feels like it will be the only one. Maybe I will be surprised!

This story is not what it looks like, and has an ingenious plot built in, but you need to get about halfway through the book before you are hooked.

Would this book make it onto my personal bookshelf? If it was a paper book, it’s a definite maybe. However I received it as an ebook, so it’s not really taking any space, so I guess I’ll keep it.


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