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ISTE 2017 – Geekbumps and Nerdgasms

June 28, 2017

Todd’s notes: This is one of those crazy amazing sessions where the presenter talks about a whole bunch of new things that he has seen, gadgets, software, you name it. Some of them are practical, some are crazy, some are crazy expensive. This is just a sample of some of the items we talked about. You can link to all of the info in the presentation below. It is always fun to listen to Steve’s somewhat satirical look at some of the crazy things that are out there!

A Trek Beyond the Bleeding Edge
Steven Dembo

Steve reminded us that this session could be expensive..

Pyro Mini Fireshooter ($150) – intended for magicians, and stage acts, literally launches fireballs, about the size of a package of cigarettes.

iBag 2 – timer that locks bag during high spending times. Warning LEDs blink when wallet is removed. GPS tracker vibrates when entering spending zones. Bluetooth tracker if bag moves a distance away from you.

Sweep N Sing – broom with karaoke microphone attached to the end.

f.flashes – Interactive LED lashes

LEGO Tape – $5.50 – tape that you can connect LEGO to.

Ninja Flex – filament and instructions to make your own LEGo tape

Kerastase Hair Coach – Wi-fi enabled hair brush. When you are brushing your hair, it will sense how healthy your hair is.

Hidrate Spark ($46.95)  – reminds you when to drink

Foldimate – Robotic clothes folding. Put it next to your dryer and it folds automatically.

Predator X21 ($9000) – Most powerful laptop out there, and it’s large.

Amazon Echo – family of products to talk/interact with. Echo wand – will scan a barcode, and add into your shopping cart in Amazon, once you get to $40, it will ship your items for free. This space of products is starting to fill out – lots of options! Now an echo ring – voice translator and personal assistant.

Bouncy Bands ($15) – stretches around bottom of the desk, kids put their feet on them and bounce around. Could do it with a tire tube too!

Rotablade Stubby ($120-650) – Fancy spinner and fidget toys

Tech Tats – temporary tattoos, soundwave (permanent tattoos).

Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Bare Conductive – Touch Board Starter Kit – may actually work on skin – not that it’s been approved or tested… Nudge nudge wink wink

Circuit Scribe Maker Kit ($70) – use a pen to draw a circuit. And all kinds of pieces to make circuits.

Levis Commuter Smart Jacket – $350, Jacquard – you can use different motions to interact with your phone, like answering, making calls, etc.

Game of Drones

Kitables Drone Kits ($50-$70) – Build your own drone, but you do have to solder some wires, and some zip ties. Can 3D print your own drone frames to improve.

Flybrix – $249 with a controller. Some parts are built with LEGO, but way more than a LEGO drone. Software is awesome, you can access and record all the data – around how the drone is flying, etc. Even logic around how the lights work, and in the future, how it flies. There is a Chrome extension that lets you see all the data about the drone, in real time.

Eachine X200 Wizard ($130-200) – modular

Quadcopter -> just flies

Drone -> brain

Parrot Mambo ($100) – One button to take off. One button to land. It takes care of itself. Has bumpers around the rotors, so you can bump into things. Can attach a camera.

Raspberry Pi Zero W – Now has bluetooth and wi-fi for $10.

  • Pi-Hole – Black hole for Internet Advertisements

Prusa i3 MK2S ($700-$900) 3D Printer Ridiculously reliable. Upgrade kit – multimaterial upgrade kit -> Now 4 different colours at once.

Polar 3D – continuously 3D print, printer is on a track.. Cloud connected, you don’t need to dedicate a computer to it.

Rocketbook Everlast ($75). Make notes, take pictures, then microwave the book and it erases. Seriously! You take notes in it like a regular notebook. Take picture of the page, which will automatically store it, then erase the pages by microwaving the whole book.

Elbow Cassette Player – USB connected.




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