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ISTE 2017 – Day Four

June 26, 2017

Here we are on Day Four! This is a bit of an unusual conference day for me! Started with some sessions in the morning, check my other postings for some of those.

By the way, my hotel has make-your-own waffles – shaped like the State of Texas. Had one this morning – was delicious!


But then I had a chance to participate / volunteer with the ISTE Awards lunch.

ISTE does a really good job of recognizing the work and effort put forth by it’s members. There is recognition for the many volunteer hours put in by ISTE members, which include certificates and signed letters from the President of the United States. There are other individual recognition awards given for various reasons. There are people recognized from each of the Professional Learning Networks.

There are Making IT Happen awards done by many affiliates on behalf of ISTE, and there are Marking IT Happen awards made nationally by ISTE to deserving people!

Many of these folks are invited to this special lunch today, and it was an amazing lunch, followed by many awards presentations! It was wonderful to be a part of this! What was my role? You know, it was pretty small, my job was to run the slide show and try and keep the secret information secret until the recipients were revealed. I was extremely impressed with the ISTE staff who ran this day, and made a lot of people, who were very deserving, feel very special! I’m proud to part of an organization that does it’s best to recognize people! Thanks ISTE!

As soon as it was finished, around 1:30 PM, I had to quickly run to my volunteer shift. For a number of years I have been a Volunteer Champion. The ISTE Conference needs a lot of volunteers to run, and I find it a GREAT way to get to know people, and help make a difference! As a Volunteer Champion, I have to put in eight hours of volunteering throughout the conference – I do this in two different four hour shifts.

Today’s shift was in an Ask Me booth. We are placed in a high traffic area, available to try and answer whatever questions we can from the 21,000 people who are here. Most questions are around “How do I get to ____?” So we really have to know the facility, and how to use the ISTE 2017 app, and just general area. We get questions like “Where can I get a coffee? Where is the parking lot? Where can I get food? How come I can’t find room 217?” and so on. Here’s a picture of my with my co-volunteer – 

Ask Me

It is an absolute blast to chat with people all afternoon long and help them get around. Everyone should volunteer, even if it is only an hour or two. You will never regret it!

Was hoping to go to Lulu’s Bakery tonight to try the 3 lb Cinnamon Roll, sadly I couldn’t get a big enough group together – there’s no way I’m going to eat one all by myself! So went for a quick dinner, and spent the evening catching up on e-mail, and organizing my notes and gear for tomorrow!



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