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ISTE2017 – Day Three

June 25, 2017

So today is my third day here, and lots of things happening! I didn’t have any commitments first thing in the morning. Went out to look for breakfast and Denny’s had a 30 minute wait, so decided to keep walking and a little while later, found myself at an IHOP Express – nothing like a quick 2 egg breakfast to start the day!

Still had a couple of hours so I went for a walk, checked out Hemisphere Park, walked around the Tower of the Americas. Pretty quiet, but maybe Sunday morning isn’t the biggest draw. Interesting dynamic – some old fountains that have just a puddle of water near by, and other fountains that are sitting with stagnant water, and finally a couple of fountains that are amazing! Looks like lots of work being done as San Antonio gets ready to celebrate it’s 300th birthday in 2018.

I was due for Volunteer Champion Orientation, so I headed into the convention centre. I noticed that everyone was walking around with ice cream bars (or bricks), so I walked up to get one, and lo and behold if it isn’t my good friend Cameron from Australia, handing out ice cream on his volunteer shift! Only at an ISTE Conference, would a Canadian walk into a convention centre in Texas, to be served ice cream by an Australian!;) It was great seeing Cameron, and a brief hello! Apparently he had just arrived mere hours earlier!

Volunteer Champion Orientation #iste17

w/Elizabeth Glau

This year I volunteered again as a Volunteer Champion. Each year I try to do some volunteering as this is the BEST way to meet a lot of people, AND get very familiar with the facility, conference, everything. I encourage everyone to volunteer. A Volunteer Champion has to volunteer 8 hours, and typically has a more detailed job – it is a lot of fun! And you get a t-shirt! Don’t forget, wear your t-shirt, be at the info booth 10 min prior to your shift.

Changes to the conference:

  • Added treats to community network fair – poster area
  • Treats on the way out of the keynote
  • Wellness Lounge
  • Chair massages at Presenters of ISTE Lounge
  • AR Game – search “ISTE 2017 AR Game”


It’s a little different than the last time ISTE was in San Antonio. Level 2 does not connect to all level 2 rooms. You can either shortcut through the Expo Hall, or go up to level 3, and then go back down to the other level 3. Rooms 220+ are in the Main Lobby Overlook. The other rooms on level 2 need to accessed the other way.

New ISTE 2017 mobile app

  • Save resources from sessions and exhibitors in your digital tote
  • Notifications and messages from ISTE are in “Notifications”
  • Refer to Schedule and Your membership pages to answer attendee questions
  • Access code on badge ticket or “Forgot Access Code?”
  • You don’t have to sign in
  • Maps / Smart Route
  • Information section
  • Feedback page


  • What works for you
    • Learning style
    • Session types
  • Smart searching
    • Filters
  • Register/Favorite
    • Register in app now
    • Favorite
  • Add to agenda

My Conference

  • Plan your schedule
  • Track sessions attended via Favorites to receive a certificate of participation (conference website)
  • New badge scanning adds contacts to device
  • Tickets to pre-registered sessions can be found here

Lots of great content. Elizabeth and her team have done an amazing job getting everything ready, AND all kinds of great things in the ISTE 2017 conference app! Just spectacular!

Now off to ISTE Ignite!

That was more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Met up with my good friend Lyle Roberts from Foothills School Division, so we headed out to get a sandwich for lunch, before heading back to the opening Keynote.

Keynote was great, and also met up with Dave, and Nikki from Sturgeon School Division, and Jeff Cullen from Foundations for the Future Charter Academy!

After the keynote Jeff, Lyle, and I headed down to the Riverwalk, and had supper at Dick’s Last Resort! Any time I get to visit with these two esteemed gentlemen, I learn a lot! And this particular restaurant is perhaps unlike any other…. It was an adventure.

The end of a super day, got back to my hotel and discovered that the wifi in my room wasn’t working. (DHCP wasn’t working) Spent 40 minutes on the phone with tech support, with someone who clearly didn’t know what they were doing. They finally reset their system and voila, it came up, so I can update my blogs!

Tomorrow is going to start a little earlier, my first session is at 8:15! Signing off now, with some pictures from my earlier walking!




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