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ISTE 2017 – Day Two

June 23, 2017

Okay, so I’m here in beautiful San Antonio, where it’s a little warm! Today it was over 30 degrees celsius – IN THE SHADE! Walk out of the shade and we were hitting 40 degrees. (News says it “feels like 45”) I am definitely not used to this kind of weather at all! But I cannot complain, just beautiful!

Had a chance to meet up with a good friend for breakfast! We decided to meet at IHOP, and then discovered it was an IHOP Express, in the mall. Not quite what we were looking for, so ended up at Denny’s.

WHOA! I forgot how big their portions are! I ordered a Sticky Bun Pancake Breakfast, and it came on TWO plates! Two LARGE plates! Ouch, I think it was enough for a whole day! Was a great visit catching up, and I was full by the end.

Then, back to the hotel to get some work done, catch up on e-mails, etc.

Around lunch time I headed out for a walk over to see the Alamo. It’s an important piece of history for Texas, and well worth the visit. Lots to see and do, and they have a James Bowie exhibit (Bowie Knife) After the Alamo, headed out to find some beach balls –  more on that later.

It was warm, and I don’t think I realized how warm it was, and suddenly I’m thirsty and hungry. Stopped for a quick chicken sandwich, a long drink, and some sitting in Air Conditioned comfort.

Walked over to the Convention Center, to help get setup for the afternoon and Saturday. As I’m walking by, I’m thinking “something has changed, it just doesn’t seem right”. Sure enough a large building is COMPLETELY MISSING! Last time I was in San Antonio, there was a massive building on the West side that had registration, and a bunch of conference rooms, and a massive keynote hall. It’s gone! The Convention Center has been renovated big time and now most of it is on the other side, and this side is completely empty.

I had a chance to walk around the site to familiarize myself with the layout, it’s completely different, since I’m going to be helping people find their way. Yup, the guy from Strathmore Alberta Canada, is going to be helping locals get to where they need to go. Life is funny!

Saw some great stuff, there are some pictures at the end with some of the setup and work in progress.

Met some long time friends and helped get ready for tomorrow’s Affiliate Summit, and then participated in an EdCamp. It was a great time, see my other blog posts.

Soon as this was over, we headed to Rosario’s for an Affiliate Presidents and Executive Directors dinner. This is a chance to catch up and learn from each other and the things that we do within our organization. The food was amazing, I don’t even know what I ordered, but thought I should try something different – it was exquisite. Had a great visit with my table mates, and learned a lot of great things. I should have taken some pictures inside the restaurant, but completely forgot. Only trouble is, it was so loud in the restaurant, you had to shout in order to be heard.

By the time supper was finished, another friend from Calgary, Jeff, had arrived, and we walked the Riverwalk, sat and had an Iced Tea while visiting. Still very warm outside, but an excellent day!



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