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ISTE 2017 – Bloggers Cafe

June 23, 2017

Holy Cow Batman! Most awesome Bloggers Cafe and PLN Lounge ISTE has ever put together! I know, I should wait until I have lots of stuff to talk about for the day, but this is so awesome, couldn’t wait!

The lounges are setup on the third level, just outside the Stars at Night Ballroom. And they are awesome! The tables have an #ISTE17 branded top with electric outlets and USB! Totally amazing! There are low tables, there are high tables, there are awesome block stools to sit on, wood chairs, or these dynamite couches. Perfect to quickly plug in, quickly charge, update your blog, chat with a few neighbours (Canadian spelling for those of you wondering), you name it. Looks like there will be some TVs setup too. Looks amazing, and incredibly helpful! Can tell you where you’re going to find me between sessions – rockin’ the awesome couch while updating my blog for my vast viewership. (Well, all four or five of you anyway!)

Check out these pictures – by the time things get started, they will be packed, and you’ll be jostling for a seat! Gotta run, things to do, people to see.





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