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ISTE 2017 – Affiliate un-EdCamp-style

June 23, 2017

Started off at ISTE 2017 with a couple of hours of Affiliate EdCamp stuff. Friday afternoon is a great way to start off!

What is an EdCamp? A great way to get together and talk about things in an un-conference format. No set classes, no set presenters, but using sticky notes, figuring out what we’d all like to learn about and present.

Started with Dani Sloan (@daniksloan) to tell us about EdCamps!

Schedule could include a keynote. Generally includes two steps:

  1. What I would like to learn about?
  2. What I would like to facilitate?

Then develop the day around these two things!

What are the rules around EdCamp?

  • Has to be free
  • Participant driven
  • No presentations (no projectors)
  • “Rule of Two Feet” – If the session is not meeting your expectations, go to another session. Don’t waste your time. No one will be offended
  • Professional Networking
  • Opportunity to be an expert
  • Vendor Free

Organizing the Event

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
  • Get a team together
  • Sponsors
  • Planning – 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, week prior

What worked:

  • Keynote (engaging and free)
  • Sponsorship for lunch/breakfast
  • Admin Support
  • Hashtag
  • Advertising within districts
  • Invite pre-service teachers
  • Volunteers
  • Twitterfall projectors
  • Google Drive for notes

What they would change:

  • Get the word out earlier
  • Lots of no shows
  • More discussion / less presenting (comes with time)
  • Janitorial Support

So we broke up into two groups, chose two topics, and we spent about 20 minutes talking about the topic with the groups. Learned some amazing things about how people were preparing “Future Ready” leaders. Then we had a great opportunity to talk about sponsorship’s and partnerships within our organizations.

The time went by WAY to quickly! Thank you everyone who took the time to participate!

So far this has been a GREAT day! And it’s not over yet! More to come!

Session Notes from this session





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