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ISTE 2017 – Travel Day One

June 22, 2017

Hey everyone! Wow, has it really been months since I last updated my blog? Sorry, you must think I have such a boring life, and clearly have nothing to write about! Just the opposite! Life is so full, it’s hard to find time to do some writing! But here’s your chance to get updated on my random musings…

It’s ISTE Conference time of year! Yep, that one time of year when 13,000+ people who are involved in technology and education get together for a bunch of days of learning! I’m so excited! I get to come down a day early and spend time with other ISTE Affiliates, like ATLE, and share ideas, swap stories, and laugh, and learn! But you’ll hear more about that later!

So today started out a little earlier than I’m used to, up and out of bed by 5:30 AM. Had a 9 AM flight to Houston, and you know the drill – be at the airport 2 hours before departure, which means 7 AM, so I have to leave the house at 6 AM in order to get parked and everything. Today started out smooth – out of the house by 6 AM, got to the Park2Go by 6:45, at the airport by 6:55 AM. Looking great! Went to check in at the Air Canada kiosk – mere moments, had a great staffer who put the tag on my luggage – things are going well! Now onto the dreaded security line – maybe waited 2 minutes before I took of my shoes, belt, and put everything on the rollers. Whoa, quick! Next up – customs – be prepared to wait. NOT TODAY! Got through the customs kiosk and visit with agent in maybe another 2 or 3 minutes. Total time in the airport so far, maybe 10 minutes? Whoa! It’s 7:05 and I’m now waiting for my flight! Whoa! So cool! I think I just beat the crowds!

Stopped for breakfast, waited for my plane. With about 30 minutes to go before boarding, I head over to my gate, and there is no plane there. No worries. Then lo and behold, a TRACTOR pulls our plane up to the gate! Yep a for-real tractor. Not your normal funny little truck that pulls the airplane, a tractor. I’m thinking maybe our plane was just sitting somewhere overnight and they dragged it over to our gate.

So it’s been awhile since I flew Air Canada – not sure what to expect! Holy leg-room Batman, there was lots of space! I could’ve had my 15.6 inch Chromebook out and still have room for the tray! Sat next to a young guy going home to Peru – didn’t speak much English. I read a book. The flight was more than four hours long, and no snacks, just drinks. It was okay.

Arrived at Houston! Awesome airport! It’s big, but you can take a train from terminal to terminal, real easy to get around – got lots of steps in. Stopped for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, and then sat and did e-mail, phone calls, and texts for a couple of hours, while waiting to board my United flight to San Antonio!

Well, there was less room on this flight – barely got my knees in behind the seat ahead of me! Mercifully it was a short – less than an hour flight!

And here I am now in San Antonio! It’s a little warm! So when I left my house, it was 8 degrees centigrade, and here in San Antonio – 39! Ouch! It is warm! Got to meet Kirk, first day as an Uber driver, who got me downtown to my hotel. Stepped out for a bite to eat, and now, ready for some sleep time!

Lots of things happening tomorrow, I’ll try and take more pictures and tell you all about it! Reminder to self – get some beach balls – ISTE Conference Keynote prep!



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  1. Have fun. I always read your posts with the voice of Todd… crazy brit I know!!

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