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FETC 2017 – Tech Share Live

January 27, 2017

fetc_desktoplogoJen Womble introduced the day, reminded everyone to pick up their t-shirt and coffee mug, and the calendar dates for next year.

Tech Share Live
#TechShare #FETC

Adam Bellow, Kathy Schrock, Leslie Fisher, Hall Davidson

Adam made some jokes about the Samsung fire starting / exploding phones. Adam used his trademark humour and slides of emoji’s, exploding phones, and then decided to do his own Karaoke version of Be Our Guest. Had the whole panel singing along.

Virtual Reality in the Classroom. Smithsonian X 3D. Students experience things they couldn’t normally, travel to distant places, and use VR. VR could be full immersion, collaborative environment, but very expensive. So let’s talk mobile VR. This is not new, 1849 had the Brewster Stereoscope. Holmes Stereoscope (1861). Really the same principle as Google Cardboard. Want “Works with Google Cardboard” – Viewmaster VR ($20), Dodocase P2 ($20), Dodcase SmartVR ($40). Google Cardboard ($15) as Head Mounted Displays (HMD). New Google Headset called Daydream View. Comfortable, cushy headset, works with Pixel.

Lots of Educational VR projects for a HMD or touchscreen. Discovery VR (iOS / Android), viewed also in a web browser, or tablet. Google Expeditions – can be guided by the teacher. TES out of the UK, lots of Google Expeditions. VR Lessons by ThingLink – can move around with a finger on an iOS device – paid app. nearpod VR – 360 degree lessons. Mainstream VR sites (Weather Channel, USA Today Network, nytvr, ESPN, Guggenheim).

Three Flickr groups to look at: Equirectangular, 360 degree, 360 degree images for School. YouTube 360 Channel.

Virtuali-Tee – Kickstarter campaign to let students view items right on your chest.

Creating VR, other images:

Ricoh Theta S – $350, Images, 25 min continuous video, live streaming

Ricoh Theta SC – $300, Images, 5 min continuous video

Insta 360 Nano – $200, microSD card, Images, Video, iPhone 6/7 only

Phone App – 360 Panorama

Google Street View – can create 360 degree photo spheres, Share to Google Maps

Modern Android Cameras – app built right into the phone

Building Environment –

Hosting images –,, ThingLink VR editor code KSTLEDU, Littlstar, Jaunt @kathyschrock

Hall Davidson

AR = Augmented Reality (lays on top of what’s real) MagicLeap – coming soon.

Some school yearbooks starting to use Aurasma….

Rocketbook Wave Notebook – Scan the page and automatically post to cloud service. When you want to erase – put it in the microwave with a mug of water. Microwave erases the pen. Must use the eraseable pen.

Mobile Microscope Next Gen – Kingmas – clips on the iPhone, on Amazon

AI – Alexa vs. Google Home Companion. Hall compared both Alexa and Google Home Companion – found Google one to work better. Amazon Echo Dot available for $49. Bring it into class, and let kids talk to it.

Wear an Apple Watch for $49.99. Buy a Nano and add a watchband.

Wow Round

Snapchat custom filters for school: $5 (or Free) – – geofilters, build it online, decide when it should be available, and set the boundaries that it is available to. Hall built one for the outside front of the convention centre.

Leslie Fisher

Favorite New App of the Year – Google Photo Scan – Press photo button, will ask you to move around and take other pictures. Then it analyzes the photo, and then puts it together. Will even let you adjust the corners of the original photo.

Favorite Educational Website of the Year – – about putting courses, information online. Could be a one hour piece, or an entire semester. Can easily build online courses, just drag and drop. Add lots of extra gadgets, many for free. Can make it for students or groups of students to take.

Favorite Educational Gadgets of the Year:

OpenDyslexic – open source font created to increase readability – Pen designed to read into an earpiece (via bluetooth) the text just hovered over. 2015 Wozniak Award for Entrepreneurship. Currently available for pre-order with a February / March planned release. $400 release date, $299 pre-order. – introduction to making music – easily create, edit, and share music scores in your web browser

EarSketch – lay out a musical score, and then it will show the coding necessary.

Osmo – Interact with real objects using your iPad

Adam Bellow @OfficeofEdTech – CAD program to start designing items to be 3D printed.

Boost by LEGO – Block based coding, build in LEGO, and then code/control

Code Gamer – build the controller, then use real java script, and play games.

littleBits education – Gizmos and Gadgets Kit, and Arduino Coding Kit

Dash and Dot – software is amazing.

puzzlets – bluetooth connected board

Tickle – control various drones


Evolution of User Friendly

Kano Kit – build your own machine. Kano Blocks Program

Build your own pixel


Code Monkey  – challenge of a game, and curriculum connections

Going old school – Oregon Trail card game.

Coding and Making should enable Creation. Not regurgitation. Problem has to matter.

Lots of content, hard to take more detailed notes, but this should help to jog my memory.




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