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FETC 2017 – Mad Caucus for School Technology

January 26, 2017

fetc_desktoplogoMad Caucus for School Technology

Hall Davidson

Hall would bring up a technology and compare it’s uses, or bring up two technologies and the audience would have to choose which one they would use. We would go back and forth really quick, some of my notes may be missing some details. (Remember, these are my quick notes, may not be useful to you, but they’ll help me remember the key information.)

Demonstrated a $3 microscope, that can work with a smartphone, doesn’t need a plan, just camera, wifi, apps, file transfer.

Mystery Skype or Google Lit Trip

Mystery Skype – students Skype with another classroom, can can only ask Yes/No questions to figure out where they are.

Google Lit Trip – using Google Earth tools, learn about things that took place in the book, and follow along where things happen. Kids can build their own, and do a little bit of coding to create the trips for others to use / share. Another product called Tour Builder, that works on a Chromebook, that works with Google Earth to do something similar.

Holes in the wall – wall opened up so students can see plumbing in the wall

Step and Repeat Wall #gocrickets – media festivals, can take selfies and photos in front of the wall. Like an Oscar Wall

Blackboard desk, use glow in the dark or bright colored markers.

VR in techbook

VR of classroom using Theta camera

AR for STEAM. From Quiver plus Osmo. Osmo records the drawing, speeds it up, and then turns into augmented reality.

Google Cardboard camera


Ricoh Theta SC camera

VR files, can now embed extra files, and such right away, like a google form, or other tools. The ability to build content into VR could change the world. Much more engaging that just watching.


PhotoMath or Digital Math Text

PhotoMath App will look at math equations and determine the answer. So now you can give the kids the answer, and ask them for the question.

Digital TechbookMath

Real Time Math Data or Real Time Solstice – that is put a stick in the ground, measure the shadow, do the same thing in another place, and you can figure out the circumference of the Earth. Similarly with real-time math data, ie. stats from the NBA.

Handout is at



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