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FETC 2017 – Leftovers with Leslie

January 26, 2017

fetc_desktoplogoFETC 2017 – Leftovers with Leslie: Technology Gadgets, Apps and Websites You Have Not Heard About Yet!

Leslie Fisher

** Todd’s notes

All the things Leslie has not had time to share over the last few days, or things that have been tossed under the bus for now. Leslie’s presentations are always delightful, somewhat irreverant, but filled with amazing insight. Here are some of the tricks she showed today. – uses Google Spreadsheets to give you some great capabilities. Populate the content, and turn it into something else. Like making flashcards. Lots of sites do this, but Flippity makes it easier. Opens a Google Sheet, then you share it back, and it will create the flashcards. Flippity Quiz show, Hangman. All of it comes from a simple spreadsheet. Can share results directly to Google Classroom. Madlibs. Flippity Badge Tracker.

Chrome Extension: Google Tone. Sends a tone out, students would need Google Tone extension installed too. Sends to all extensions within earshot, can send url’s out. Very slick. Actually hears the audio and converts to a URL. Did you get that? You send the URL out via audible tone, and the devices within earshot “hear” the tone and convert to a URL. iOS and Android App -> Students open the app, and can receive via audio similar to Google Tone.

Timeline.js Take a Google sheet and create a timeline. Beautiful timelines are created, that are visual, and can be used by anyone.

Same group that makes Timeline JS, also makes a product called StoryMap JS Maps that tell stories. Free to use. Not using Google sheets, but a very easy, web-based interface to make it happen.

Thinglink – create links in pictures. Like gigapixel, and can be included in StoryMap.

How to create a bunch of e-mail accounts. When you look at your gmail account. If you add a + at the end of your e-mail address, ie, all e-mail from this address will automatically go to your original e-mail address.

PermissionClick – Online Permission Slips. If it’s just one person, doing it for their own group, you can send it out, and take credit cards. If it needs to go through a chain of command, it can do that. Just for one person, it’s free. There is a district level, where all the different forms can merge into one.

ZipGrade – iOS and Android. Go to the website, print bubble sheet, have students fill in details, and then scans all the bubble sheets for you, and assigns to students. Price for paid for version is $6.99 per year. There is a free version, does 100 papers per month.

Presenting iOS device through computer – uses a USB cable and can show the iOS screen. Showed that the touchbar on the new MacBook Pro shows the slides that she has in Keynote, and you can easily quickly go from slide to slide, in any order, and no one will be the wiser. Very amazing way to run presentations.

PlayDate – plastic ball, with a camera in it. iOS and Android App. Play with your pet when you are not home. Squeak Button, still camera with video, microphone and speaker. Slit for ribbon inserts for cats.

Leslie always has more content than she has time, and there was an audible groan from the crowd when she had to wrap it up!




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