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FETC 2017 – Google Transition & District Buy-in

January 26, 2017

fetc_desktoplogoFETC 2017

Google Transition and District Buy In

Jay Salerno
Newington Public Schools


*** These are my notes from the session – Todd

Newington Public Schools
4,000 students K-12, 400 instructional staff
7 schools
Academies and Programs

  • STEM Exploratory Program (MS)
  • Academy of Biomedical Sciences (MS)
  • Academy of Aerospace & Engineering (MS)
  • IT & Digital Innovation Academy (HS)
  • Culinary & Hospitality Academy (HS)
  • Finance & Business Academy (HS)

Were losing some kids to other places, so started all of these programs and developed a 5 year strategic technology initiative.

Year 5: iPad carts for K-2, Chromebooks for all students Grades 3-8, phase 2: Chromebooks Grades 9-12

Worked on infrastructure. Knew this was the most important piece in building a 1:1 project. Got it setup.

Ran into some social media problems where the community was not in favour of 1:1 with Chromebooks. Did some town hall meetings and had a lot of time with parents.

Worked with teachers with a new program “Keep Calm and Newgle On”

Key part they said to the teachers: Chromebook is just a tool, like a pen, paper, book, chalkboard, etc.

Planning to “Date the Device. Marry the Ability

The Core

  • Initial group of educators selected:
    • All became Google Educator Certified
    • Sent to an EdTechTeam Google Summit
  • PL provided to Administrators and their Support Staff
    • Embed the integration of GAFE (Docs & Surveys)
    • Little things like sending newsletters out as links to Google Docs, not attachments.
  • Introduction to Educational Technology Resources
  • Detailed planning and finding “Friends” locally & across the nation
  • 8 Actions You Need to Take to Promote GAFE Adoption

PL to Staff

  • Staff Proficiency Surveys to develop District & Building Plans
  • Embedded learning with Newsletters
  • Google Proficiency Challenges
  • House Parties and Open Houses
  • Newgle Unconference
  • Google Educator Certification for all staff
  • EdTechTeam Google Summits and “Core of Ninjas” as presenters
  • PL Days – team challenges
  • Social Media Twitter and Google Plus
  • Don’t make the extra step! Make extra STEPS!

Innovate like a Turtle – go Slow


  • Device
    • Self-insure program – $50, use to replace hardware
    • Inventory Management (Follett Destiny – used in libraries)
    • The Take Home Debate
    • Setup Policy & Procedures
  • Each building in charge
    • Deployment and Management Teams
  • Parent Nights
  • Check Everything … the $50K mistake (Have a Great Partner)

Using SAMR Model for Technology Integration

Support & Next Steps

  • Board of Education Presentations (3 times per year, by students)
  • CT Data Privacy Law
  • Apps and Extensions: Whitelist or Blacklist? (Recommend a whitelist of actual extensions. Have had extensions loaded that kids over-use a key – ie flappy bird type extension)
  • Hour of Code
  • District Website
  • Newgle Nuggets & Student Challenges
  • Newgle Ninja Challenges
  • Microsoft vs. Google
  • Visits from other districts
  • Schoology and a Digital Content Specialist

Support & Next Steps

  • Training for Google Apps
  • Professional Learning
    • Rewarding Presenters (Rubber duck – end of year duck race, top 3 won professional learning)
    • Student Enrichment & Assistance (Techsperts & Genius Bar)
    • NHS Tech Support
    • EdTech Enrichment
  • Google Certified Trainers & Google Certification Bootcamps
    • Bring a Bootcamp to your district!
  • Classroom Mgt (Promevo, HP Classroom Mgr, GoGuardian, LanSchool)

Great Partners

  • EdTechTeam: Bootcamps, Summits and Custom PL
  • texthelp: Premium Version Free for Teachers
  • Amplified Lab Discount Code: Salerno
  • DocentEdu


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