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FETC 2017 – Get Your Chrome On

January 26, 2017

fetc_desktoplogoFETC 2017 – Get Your Chrome On

** These are my notes from the session. – Todd

Jo Jacobson
Digital Learning Coach
Eastern Carver County Schools

Terah Robinson
Digital Learning Coach
Eastern Carver County Schools

Presentation Link:

Why is Chrome Different?

Chrome is just a browser until you sign in. Once you sign in, your data is synced to whatever machine you are logged into. Don’t forget to logout on a public device.

Jo and Terah demonstrated a lot of Chrome Extensions that they use. It was great to see them actually in use, not just telling about them. Each one worked the way it was supposed to, and they obviously knew what they were doing, as the extensions were just second nature to them.

Chrome Extensions


  • Turn your extensions on and off based on when you need to use them.
  • The more extensions you have on at one time the slower Chrome will run

Share to Classroom

  • Push websites, videos, and assignments out to your students without being in classroom
  • Create assignments right from your browser
  • Students can push back to teacher, but no one else

Move it

  • Reminds you to do something at intervals
  • Set a time and get moving
  • Every 15 minutes for example
  • Get the wiggles out


  • PDF document viewer and markup tool
  • Students can highlight text and write on a text, then save it to drive

Adblock Plus

  • Blocks ads on websites
  • Marks how many ads have been blocked per page
  • Not pushed to all students, because some of the math sites, math expression use pop ups, etc.

Google Similar Pages

  • Quickly preview other pages that are similar
  • Students do not have to leave the browser to find other sites


  • Quickly summarize the website in a paragraph to see if you want to continue reading
  • Reads the first couple of sentences


  • Cites a highlighted portion of a website or an entire website
  • Creates a spreadsheet in drive and saves all resources by date accessed


  • Print only what you want, or PDF
  • Make font bigger, add notes to document

Google Translate

  • Translate any webpage into any other language
  • Do not have to leave Chrome

Note Anywhere

  • Add a note to any web page. The note “sticks” and is remembered the next time you visit the site
  • Find all websites you have notes on through options

Select and Speak

  • Read any text in the browser
  • Highlight text and hit play button-Pause in toolbar

Save to Google Drive

  • Save any website as a PDF to your Google Drive and read it later

Awesome Screenshot

  • Take screenshots of portion or whole page, and annotate!

MB Ruler

  • Measure angles and distances
  • Pops up on screen
  • Shows grid and web measurement


  • Draw on websites, highlight, add text
  • Save as an image

Distraction Free YouTube

  • Take away all the distractions of YouTube
  • It does not filter ads from beginning of video
  • Sidenote: (will display videos without ads prior, mid, or post)

Reading Ruler

  • Double click to highlight a row on a webpage
  • Use the arrow key up and down to move from line to line

`Keep Awake

  • Keep your browser awake, useful on a TV or projector
  • Switch between modes like on (system is prevented from sleeping), or power saving settings are left unchanged

Talk and Comment

  • Allows you to comment in the browser and Gsuite
  • Supplies a unique URL to hear the comment, then copy and paste into students’ doc to hear your feedback


  • Playback the revision history of any Google Doc
  • Watch how a document came to be, as a teacher you can see how a students’ work was completed.


  • Insert bitmojis into any document or project as you type
  • Copy and paste them virtually anywhere

Tab Resize

  • Allows you to show multiple screens at one time (tabs)





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