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FETC 2017 – Keynote – Awesome New Technologies

January 25, 2017

fetc_desktoplogoOpening keynote session, welcome, etc. Over 400 sponsor booths, lots and lots of sessions, exhibit hall is now open. Going to be an awesome few days.

img_2951Jen Womble

Welcomed everyone with a quick speech. January 30 – new future, day everyone returns home to their districts and schools. Imagine how educational technology that everyone learns about this week, could change the future, and empower people around the district. What will your future look like?

img_2952Margo Day – Vice President U.S. Education – Microsoft

Thanked FETC for an awesome place. Reminded us that over the next 10 years, 2/3rds of the jobs don’t exist today. Technology exists in our lives and our students lives every waking moment. Chance/Opportunity to bring together the 21st century skills that are required to succeed in a world that we don’t even know what it looks like yet. Personalized Learning and Equity & Empowerment.

Introduced teacher Jennifer Morgan – Microsoft Innovation Expert. From Utah, had a big tornado last year, 2nd one in her lifetime. Built an anemometer to measure wind.  Microsoft has a tool on their STEM website to measure wind speed on her setup, as well as demonstrate windspeed simulations from around the world.

Back to Margo – free plugin for Microsoft Excel, to connect to sensors so students can experience what is happening with their experiment, with Data Visualization. Margo suggests that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past 2 years. Microsoft believes the amount of data in the world will grow 10X every two years.

Microsoft wants to bring the STEM and ISTE standards to programming, data visualization, and create lesson plans end to end, for the classrooms, free of charge. Therefore bringing students into the learning environment, making it interesting for students as well as teachers.  All free.

Free resources from Microsoft

  • Office 365 Education
  • OneNote Class Notebook
  • Skype in the Classroom
  • Digital Inking
  • Hacking STEM
  • Educator Community
  • & More

Yesterday (Jan 24) Microsoft Announced:

  • New affordable devices with digital ink
  • Intune for Education
  • School Data Sync
  • Learning Tools

img_2953Microsoft wants to be partners together with us to deliver the best student-centred learning environment that could possibly exist.

img_2954Dan Lejerskar – Chairman – EON Reality –
VR and AR in Education

Dan started with a quick video from eon Reality about Virtual Reality. VR can be used to describe all kinds of different devices and environments.

How can we use technology to address some of the challenges in Education? Can we teach more in less time, with less money? Move from memorization to apply/analyze/evaluate/create. How do we address the attention problem?

VR AR Enables Learning by Doing

EON’s 4P Vision

Purpose – Knowledge is a Human Right – Making knowledge available, affordable, and accessible to anyone on the planet. Access experts and teachers from anywhere, using AR VR.

People – 23 different centres across the world to encapsulate knowledge, collectively working with academic institutions to collect an disseminate.

Programs – Want to convey knowledge to people who cannot afford the bus. Access to world’s largest library for AR VR learning for very small cost. Students after four months in the program are already creating content that is relevant to their community.

Products – Tools and libraries that enable the use of AR VR in an easy way. 1000’s of models in a free library that everyone can download. Teachers can annotate the content and use it for their own use, publish and share with everyone.

Working with lots of education platform customers. AR Primary School Application for Science. Immersive History applications, transportation for special needs, engine operation application.

Summary – we live in very interesting times, exciting to be part of the technology that has exploded. Internet Of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence

img_2955Tyler Sussman – Director of Partnership – Summit Learning

Free learning platform – Summit Learning, allows teachers to personalize learning experiences for their students. Tyler was a history teacher / coach in Summit Public Schools – California. Wants students to become better learners. Real Question for educators – how do we enable and foster these skills in our students.

Summit Learning four pillars:

Goal Setting – Mentorship and Reflection

Content Knowledge – Competency based content progression

Cognitive Skills – Authentic Deeper Learning Projects

Habits of Success – Mentorship and Reflection

However to meet this requirement, teachers need the tools to make it work. Therefore developed the Facebook Summit Learning Platform.  The rest of the presentation was a demonstration of how the tool works.

img_2956Hall Davidson – Senior Director – Global Learning Initiatives Discovery Education

Hall started with a demonstration of some of the Discovery Education tools. Change reading level inside the book, change the language, and incorporate all kinds of other tools. Even having it read out loud in the language you want. Embedding assets in digital books is amazing. Can even embed information with a VR object. Hall used a social studies book to demonstrate. Teacher can highlight text in one language, and have the information in English.

Another example on how to select a free throw player at the end of the game. Data comes in almost real-time from NBA or WNBA, games from previous day. Can access all kinds of data, in a spreadsheet like format, online.

Hall had an advanced search example of “civil war”. Click on reading, objects can be sorted by Lexile Score, and then assign to students individually.

Can also use / share resources with other teachers, see what they are actually doing / using in their classroom.

img_2957Warren Santner – Sr Manager US Education Solutions Architecture – Amazon Web Services –

What is Big Data

Was a high school math teacher. Excited about big data – key lever to unlock the potential in all of our students.

Big Data: Unconstrained Growth – predicted that we will need 180 billion 1 TB drives to store the data we’ll know about by 2025.

Big Data is more than just the volume of data, also velocity, variety, veracity, variability – Visualization & Value

Ivy Tech Community College – using big data that they use to look at their data, patterns with years of data, and helps them to help students who may be struggling.

It’s really about taking the data out of the silos, and leveraging it together.

Start Your Big Data Journey

Batch -> What Happened

Real Time -> What is Happening

Prediction -> What Will Happen

Back to Jen

Wrapped up the session, reminding us to visit the Expo Hall, and thanking the presenters. This was a good session, as we got some great snapshots of the various presenters, their companies and technology. It was a good way to do a keynote presentation, that is, 5 mini-presentations.



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