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IT4K12 – Keynote: Nora Young

November 18, 2016

Kerac_it4k12_gryeynote: Nora Young

Data, Info, Knowledge, Wisdom
Edtech in the Data Boom

These are my notes from various sessions at IT4K12 in Vancouver Nov 17-18, 2016. They may be messy, and there may be mistakes, and it may not be exactly what the presenter wanted to be remembered, but it’s what resonated with me. – Todd

Nora opened with a depiction of the University of Bologna 14th C., where the instructor would read out loud from the book, as the books were so scarce pre: Gutenberg.

Wal-Mart and Big Data – When a hurricane’s coming, people buy Pop Tarts! Why? Who Knows? So Wal-Mart moves Pop Tarts to the front of the store.

So much data is collected every day – videos into YouTube, photos / videos into Facebook, etc.

In terms of mapping, it is suggested that the value of proprietary map data is approaching zero, due in part to the large amount of data from projects like open source maps.

There is so much data capture happening. Nora reminded us of the wearable camera that just takes pictures all day long. Proteus Digital Health, swallow a chip on a pill that communicates with a receiver on your lapel that can then give your data to the doctor. Have you noticed that Google is tracking where you have been, if you use it on your phone?

Another big data trend is A.I. and big data. These machine learning devices need large data in order to learn. Seeing chatbots as motivational coaches and teaching assistants. She told us a story about a university prof who had a chatbot as a teaching assistant, and never told the students.

Personal data map

  • Self-tracking as social phenomenon
  • Mobile technologies to capture that data, share it, and give us constant access to it
  • Ubiquity of maps that tie data to physical locations
  • Smart objects and internet connected sensors that communicate awareness of their environment
  • Ability to search data through text, image, and audio

Not just valuable to businesses who track us, or personally for us, but interesting value to society as a whole.

Revolutionary Nature of Cell Phones

Even “feature” (as opposed to smart) phones have location data. Smart phone rates taking off, especially in Brazil, India and China, but also in surprising markets. Smart phone adoption growing in the last 3-5 years in markets like Kenya, Myanmar (Burma). Expected that by 2020, 80% of the phones will be smart phones.

Great potential in all the tracking and sharing that we do, but there are some challenges too.

Tyranny of Algorithms!

Facebook algorithm determines what we see on Facebook, not just everything that our “friends” post.

Nora asks if there can be bias in the data? Since the algorithms are designed by people, bias can be inadvertently built in. This is an opportunity to teach about critical thinking.

Gigapixel photos of large large crowds, that can be zoomed in to actually identify an individual. You expect to be relatively anonymous in a large crowd, but reality is you are not.

Opportunities for Education in the Data Boom

Australian politician says use of “Canadian” as derogatory term will no longer be tolerated.

Statistical and Data Literacy and Pedagogical opportunities for big data.

Nora brought up a lot of thought-provoking concepts around big data that I hadn’t really considered before. She manages to take a large topic and make it not nearly as scary as we might think. Thanks Nora for a great presentation.




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