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IT4K12 – This is ERAC

November 17, 2016

erac_it4k12_gryThese are my notes from various sessions at IT4K12 in Vancouver Nov 17-18, 2016. They may be messy, and there may be mistakes, and it may not be exactly what the presenter wanted to be remembered, but it’s what resonated with me. – Todd

ERAC Governance & Operations

  • Executive Committee
  • Learning Resource Advisory Committee
  • ERAC Staff
  • ERAC Professional Learning Team

ERAC Focus

  • Evaluation of Learning Resources
  • Support for Acquisition of Learning REsources
    • Procurement, ie. BCDC
    • Aggregation of Demand
  • Value-Added Supports and Services
    • Professional learning for both Educators and IT professionals
    • Implementation Support
    • Reference Resources – PIA’s, Copyright

Staying Connected

  • Role specific
  • Newsletter / Twitter @bcerac
  • Gateway to
    • Learning Resource Collection
    • Professional Learning and IT Support
    • PIA, Copyright, etc.

Lots of information is also available, FTE, student count, etc. How calculations are made. etc.

Overall ERAC has a lot of supports for all of their members, everything from reviewing resources, having a resource libraries, and things for all types of members. Agreements, etc. Just a fantastic organization.




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