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IT4K12 – Student Plenary

November 17, 2016

erac_it4k12_gryStudent Plenary
Performance Learning Program
Group of students from a couple of Vancouver area school jurisdictions.


These are my notes from various sessions at IT4K12 in Vancouver Nov 17-18, 2016. They may be messy, and there may be mistakes, and it may not be exactly what the presenter wanted to be remembered, but it’s what resonated with me. – Todd

Project is BYOD 1:1 iPad
Public School in North Vancouver
Intent was a project / program that could be easily emulated / replicated in other places

Focus on tasks, not tools. They try to never tell a student to “make a PowerPoint about…” By focusing on the task, it lets them look at their work in a broader scope – knowledge, skills, and character.

Everyone can Code – Swift Playgrounds

What does it mean ‘to code’ and how can we do it? iTunes U, and Swift Playgrounds. Learned how to do “the hustle” as part of coding.

Message in a Bottle – Media, Advertising, and Advocacy

How are media and advertising used to persuade? Learned about angles of cameras for making advertisements. Took lots of photos to demonstrate it. Used a Collage App, and a Font app, and Snapz to put all of the extra ones together. Learned by using Instagram for their own photos.

In another example, student started with a blank canvas, and added advertising – forest in the back yard, added text. Got lots of constructive?? criticism from classmates, and made changes based on what he heard. Students received lots of feedback from everyone and lots of revisions.

Metaphor Machine – Revolution in Action

How does an idea drive change? iMovie and Explain Everything.

Students had to build a Rube Goldberg machine that was a metaphor for revolution. Created an iMovie to show how they built it, and how each part is a part of revolution.

Students use the FAIL metaphor – First Attempt In Learning

But how do we use technology to build character? Brought in a couple of grade 11 students to explain

Manhattan Project2 – How did the development of the atomic bomb affect the lives of those living in the Hanford area and what role did they play in ushering in the atomic era?

Students had to take a role in the project by filming a documentary.

Used the App Showbie to mark up your project. Can circle, highlight, add voice memo, etc. in order to mark it up. Made up a letter, and then had to redact text / censor to hide the “secret information”.

This presentation was really about six students, who were grade 8, 9, and 11. The students participated in a panel presentation and did an awesome job of showing their learning through inquiry.

Now Code Crazy – a Group of Grade 7 students from Cambridge Elementary – Surrey

These students work on their various projects every Monday afternoon.

Used TinkerCAD to design something to solve a problem. Student was making a soap dish, and was trying to figure out how to put the word ‘SOAP’ on the dish. Had to figure out how to change the plane.

Ozobot – tiny robots that work with light sensors. Draw lines of code with it, and they lines are colour coded so that the robot will do different things differently. The sensors read up to 150 times per second and react based on what they see.

Osmo – Connects directly to the iPad. Some of the games are really simple. But can use coding to solve a complex problem.

LEGO WEDO Students use different motors and objects combined with LEGO to make / design projects that “do” something differently.

Sphero – Students learn how to drive, draw, and code them. They like learning how to use them, AND that they are translucent, so you can see how they work. They race around the classroom, ramps, grind rails, and program their movements.

Another awesome presentation by a group of students. @shelagh09

This was a very cool idea, having a session in the program for EVERYONE that was teachers and students presenting projects and explaining their learning. And it makes a long day for them, just to help us!

It is also a good reminder of WHY we all do what we do. Sometimes we get so busy and so focused that we completely forget, or lose sight of the folks that we are here for in the first place! Thank you!




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