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The Equalizer – Michael Sloan

August 6, 2016

Today’s book: The Equalizer by Michael Sloan
Published in 2014 by St. Martin’s Press
Location: Todd’s Library

Cover - Equalizer

Back in the late 1980’s, there was this great TV show, starring Edward Woodward, called The Equalizer. Y’all remember this one? We only had a black and white TV, but it was still a great show to watch! A mysterious person would help when no one else could, and he was skilled in all kinds of areas of combat, weapons, drove great cards, and took on the bad guys in overwhelming odds. I’m not sure why I was allowed to watch the show, but it was great!

Imagine my surprise when I see a book written by one of the co-creators of the TV show! Of course I had to pick it up! A book based on the TV show, written by one of the original creators! It’s going to be good!

Robert McCall is the Equalizer. Formerly an assassin for a secretive government agency, his skills are legendary and all who are currently in the business know of him, or know him personally. But as he is leading his quiet life, some of the people he interacts with experience some problems that he helps with, and unknowingly pit him against some of his former enemies.

This book has a bunch of stories all linked together as one, every plot element is intertwined with another and the author does an amazing job of moving us back and forth through time and events so we can to see many sides of many of the characters. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, another plot twist comes your way, a new character is introduced, a whole new storyline evolves. The myriad of events and information can be overwhelming – which is what I love in a good book!

Drawback – I found the author too graphic in some areas. I don’t really need to know the details of some of the actions within the story when it comes to the bedroom, or getting information out of people. It doesn’t add to the story, it doesn’t do anything. In fact I would say it doesn’t stay true to the original story when it was aired on TV – these kinds of details were never presented, and it encouraged us to believe that Robert McCall was a stand out man with integrity that couldn’t be soiled.

In the end, while the story was great, and I loved the complexity, this book will probably not make it onto my bookshelf, but likely will be given away.


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