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The Kraken Project – Douglas Preston

August 1, 2016

Today’s book: The Kraken Project by Douglas Preston
Published in 2014 by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
Location: Todd’s Library

Cover - KrakenYes, it’s true, I am a book-addict. I read and read and read, sometimes you get a book you can’t put down, sometimes you get a book that takes you awhile. But I can only think of one case that I’ve actually stopped reading a book, and never went back. But that’s a post for another day!

My latest read – The Kraken Project. Ouch! What an excellent story!

The book starts with a NASA project, a team is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program to run a future probe into space. Very early a mis-calculation is made, and the AI escapes into the wilderness of the Internet. The story is partially told from the viewpoint of the AI, and from the viewpoint of other characters.

Initially the rogue AI, known as “Dorothy” is mad at the world for planning to send her into space to spend years alone, and is ready to destroy everyone. As the story moves forward and people are chasing after “her”, things gradually change. The final pages of the book spell out a spectacular, unpredictable ending – that will make no sense if you don’t read the whole book.

Preston has a remarkable grasp on current technology, and enough unusual ideas to make me want to read more. His books grab your attention, and hold it tightly, making you wish the book was twice as long! Sometimes the plot may seem a little unusual – somehow a rogue programmer who builds algorithms for stock trading is the only one smart enough to find this rogue AI – I guess money trumps all. But it is believable – which is one of the reasons I love his writing – it makes me think the story is actually plausible.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are two authors who have collaborated on a lot of projects, while still writing some of their own individual books. My first experience with their style of writing is when I read Utopia. Since then I watch specifically for books by either author, in fact I’ve reviewed several of their books, and currently my bookshelf carries 12 of their titles.

Another great read, and this book is getting a coveted spot on my bookshelf!


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