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The Directive – Matthew Quirk

July 27, 2016

Today’s book: The Directive by Matthew Quirk
Published in 2014 by Little, Brown and Company, Hachette Book Group
Location: Todd’s Library

Cover - The DirectiveWell it’s been a long time since I posted a book review – funny how life happens and some things get put aside for a bit!

Have no fear dear reader, I have not lost my love of reading, just have neglected to keep you all up to speed on what I’m reading! I’m hoping to catch you up on some of my favourite authors, new and old, and maybe your reading bug will continue to hassle you too!

Just finished reading The Directive. So I’ve never heard of Matthew Quirk before, but as I was chauffeuring Rhonda around to various Quilting shops, collecting patterns (more on that later), we stopped by Chapters at Chinook Mall in Calgary. I was perusing the books, and this one jumped out at me.

I’ve always been a fan of “Washington” and “New York” politics, and intrigue, and more, and I picked this one off the shelf and read the cover. Hmmm. Looks like it might be interesting!

The Directive is a first-person story told through the eyes of Mike Ford – a guy who really wants to get his life in order, and seems on track to do so. However, his brother ends up pulling him into a massive heist where he needs to steal a copy of the directive, a special piece of information from the Fed, which will determine monetary policy. This tale winds it’s way through many twists and turns and when you think Mike is on top of it, WHAM, something else happens. There are so many plot surprises, including a really good one towards the end that makes you slap your head! The bad guys seem to want to be good guys, the good guys are always good, but sometimes bad, and we are pulled through a very thought-provoking, and seemingly possible heist.

Matthew has a great sense of storytelling, and his knowledge of some current technologies shines through the story, as well as some of the tried and true methods of social engineering and even basics like old fashioned lock picking.

I started this book yesterday, read into the wee hours, and immediately finished it this morning. It was a GREAT read, and now I’ll be looking to see if I can put my hands on his other books too! This one is getting a permanent place on my bookshelf, however you are welcome to borrow it!

Thanks Matthew for a great book! Looking forward to what the future holds!


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