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ISTE 2016 – Google Add-ons & Other Free Tools

June 29, 2016

Print_ISTEGoogle Add-ons & Other Free Tools to Foster Collaboration and Communication
Bret Gensburg
University of Akron

Bret is a nut. A pretty amazing, fun, and interesting nut! Prior to the session starting he’s got some pretty loud, and exciting music playing, and he’s wandering around handing out candy to everyone. You know it’s going to be a good session!

Bret’s presentation is linked above.

Started with the straightforward sharing links of Google Docs file, adding /export?format=doc, odt, rtf, pdf, txt, html that many folks may not know. Very cool! Something I didn’t realize. This can be helpful when e-mailing out to parents who can’t receive attachments – just send them the link as /export?format=pdf and they download it when they click the link.

Bret shared links of the Google Privacy Agreement for future use by attendees. Demonstrated Google Sites, how you can embed folders from your Google Drive, and therefore whatever is published in the folder is automatically available to the site users. Remember in Google Sites, you can manage your site, and upload files directly to your site. If you upload a file with the same name, it will replace it, of course previous revisions are available to you.

Suggested an option to create a daily repeating calendar event, share it with the students. Each day you can go into it, add homework, or other notes, and then automatically share it with all of your students with just one click.

Google Maps – using Fusion Tables, you can get complete information on borders of towns, county’s, etc. and put them on your own map.

Chrome Extensions

New Tab New Window -> all items opening in a new tab automatically go to a new window

Okay, Bret’s style is rapid fire, incredibly helpful, insightful and fun – but too hard to keep notes on, hence the best thing to do is to look at the notes and info in the link!

Thanks Bret for the awesome presentation, content, and presentation-style! Looking forward to seeing you again in the future!



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