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ISTE 2016 – Ignite

June 26, 2016

Print_ISTEISTE 2016 Ignite Sessions

These posts are Todd’s various notes from the ISTE 2016 Conference in Denver, June 25 – 30.

ISTE Ignite is a set of sessions where presenters get 5 minutes and 20 slides each, which advance automatically, to make their presentation. Unfortunately I missed a few of the first speakers as I was too busy talking and catching up with friends.

Brad Flickinger – Panama City

Reward Learning – what is a badge? Do we need badges? In Brad’s school they have a 1 inch pin, tech-ttoo, and a digital badge. Takes a look at a unit, decides which skills they need. Puts the badges in different levels depending on the complexity of the skill. Level 1 badge can be completed in 1-2 classes. Level 2 “Explorer” audio commercials, songs with lyrics, etc. Have to earn Level 2 before going to level 3. 2-6 hours to complete. Level 3 music with chords, podcasting, claymation, video commercials film making. May take weeks to earn a level 3. Levcel 4 – “Pro” – iBand, Video Game Design, Morning News, Robotics – takes months to complete. iBand need to be able to play an instrument on an iPad.


Bonnie Palmer
Designing in the Classroom

Design is a process. Components of design that requires students to think creatively.

Jamie Donally
Jamie’s Presentation:

Why VR? So much that can be added. Noted that YouTube now allows for VR – based video.

Watching with intent, activates different areas of the brain, that theoretically improves learning.

What Now? Check her links for the 360 playlist and webmix

Kasey Bell
The Rise of the Entrepreneur

It is getting so easy that more and more kids are setting up websites and selling products very easily. At one time the American Dream was a goal of working 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, and a lifelong career. Those days are probably long behind us. Right now we live under the illusion that the workplace is a secure place for the rest of your life. The Industrial Age is dead and over, as is the idea of going to school to get a good job.

Milleniels are turning this idea upside down.

Online startup is re-defining everything. Schools need to accept the fact that preparing kids for just living is not good enough.

Continuous Improvement is the way of life for entrepreneurs. New skills are required: Resilience, Work, Continual learning.

How do we prepare students for skills in an ever changing economy?
Skills needed now:

  1. Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
  2. Work Ethic
  3. Practice the Art of Curiosity
  4. Leadership
  5. Continuous Learning Mindset

We need to give the students every opportunity to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Al Pajak
Have you Herd? The Purple Cow is Loose in the Classroom

In 2003 Seth Godin published The Purple Cow.

For the 2014-2015 school year, lots of kids graduated, like 3.4 million students, all the same cow. For example, Google recently dropped College Graduation from employment requirements.

Goal of Education should be to make Purple Cows – unique students who see the world different. Who do things differently. Who publish and share what they do. Students who are self-motivated. We need to be behind them, helping them along the way. Help students to be the red tulip in a field of yellow. Collaborators, working in effective teams and groups.

High Tech High – Problem and Project-based learning environments.









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