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ISTE 2016 – Gadgets

June 26, 2016


Gizmos and Gadgets for Use in (but Mostly out of) the Classroom

This is one of those absolutely ridiculous sessions where the presenters talk about a wild assortment of gadgets and gizmos, some with very limited actual use, and some with brilliant potential, costing from $0 to $3,000. One of the best sessions to attend each year at ISTE

Steve Dembo @teach42  and Adam Bellow @adambellow

Qball ($150-$250)
Took a ball, stuffed a microphone into it. Chuck it around, set it up anywhere.

This is Why Im
Crazy things you can buy. BrikBook lego case. Kickstarter LED wired up into a LEGO brick. Self-lacing shoes – Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 TBD Winter 2016. Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie $99.

Game of Phones ($20)
Cards say something like text someone, or bring up a photo on your phone, etc.

iZiggi HD Wireless DocCam + IW2 ($240)
IPEVO Design for Learning. Complete wireless touchscreen type software and works on Chromebook

Carry on luggage – wi-fi enabled, GPS coordinates, batteries – will charge your phone. Will lock itself when you are out of range. Connected.

Coolest Cooler ($220 – $500)
Blender, sound system, etc. Still not shipping

Circle ($99)
Disney. Plug into wi-fi router, control all that goes on. Can see what happens, limit access.

In-Ear headphones and translator app
User talks in one language, the other end hears their own language

Amazon Echo / Tap / Dot ($80 – $180)
You can talk to it and and have it respond. Like Siri, but better (according to Adam). Add things to shopping list, etc.

Google Cardboard
Lots of brands and flavours. Lots of Google Expeditions to go beyond a virtual field trip. If you want to go a little higher tech – Gear VR. Discovery is starting to do some VR and it’s really good – step into someone else’s shoes!

Oculus Rift ($599 + computer)

Virtuix Omni ($699)
Step into and walk around.

Microsoft HoloLens ($3,000)
Computer is built-in. Could be walking inside minecraft, etc. Look up hololens demo online.

Daqri Smart Helmet

GoPro HERO Omni 360 Camera ($5,000)

Theta S ($350)
Takes 3D photos, and video.

Samsung Gear 360

Tiny picture that you can change the focus after you take the pricture

Lytro Illum ($400)
Process it after, changing the focal point.

Lytro Immerge ($$$$)
Film in 4K and then change later on what you focus on

Raspberry Pi 3 ($35)
Phenomenal computer for only $35. Fully functional computer. pi-top computer – 3D print the shell, and then put all the pieces together and you have a laptop computer. Pi Zero – $5 only 2 USB outs.

Chirp ($9)

Purpose built computer.

Sphero / BB-8 ($99-150)

Tickle (Free)
Create some code / commands to pre-program drones. Works with Sphero, parrot, other drones, etc.

Makey Makey Go ($25)
Coding. Complete the circuit, makes a “keyboard” sends a key stroke. Re-use, combine with Raspberry Pi. Steve made an old-school arcade machine. Used RetroPie

Circuit Scribe ($20-$200)
Pen with conductive ink fluid.


Hummingbird Duo ($159)
Build your own robots. Simple scratch style programming.

Makerspace isn’t about the space, but giving credit to the “maker”.

Hyperduino ($85+)
Hyperstudio moved into maker space. Create physical structures that have digital tie-ins. Can work in two directions. Can queue up video to a specific place, once the video gets to one place, can light up an LED. IF then when.

3D printed filament out of a pen. 3Doodler Create ($100)

3d-Printing soap suds pen

Osmo ($75-$150)
Combine Osmo with 3Doodler. Draw it with a regular pen, then go over it with 3Doodler. The power of mixing and matching these technology. Coding app for Osmo. Add-on that comes with pressable 3D buttons.

FormBox ($350)

Thingiverse – lots of 3D plans

Morphi App (Free – iPad)
3D CAD program on your iPad, upload to 3D printer.

Gloves – sign language
Gloves recognize the sign language, and convert to text and spoken language

Amazon Dash Wand (Free – invite only)
Microphone on one end and scanner, will create your shopping list.

Amazon Dash Buttons
Branded – pay $5. Using Amazon App, connect to the product, every time you press the button, you are ordering a product. Can hack into the button, and make it do other things. Put the buttons wherever, do whatever. Triggers for website if then this that

#Hashkey ($20)
Was a kickstarter, single key to give you the hashkey. Never materialized.









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