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Microsoft CLC – Plumbing and Hot Tubs – FIM

October 21, 2015

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2015 Connected Learning Conference

Long Live Learning

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Plumbing and Hot Tubs – a Story for a Successful FIM Implementation

Neal Larsen, Peel DSB

Nathan Letourneau, Avaleris

What do we know about Peel? Second largest in Canada, just west of Toronto, 237 school locations, 150,000+ students, 20,000+ staff. Five years ago moved from Novell to Active Directory. Still lots of manual pieces, every time you build a new school had to add more OU’s and no real automation.

Goal of automated provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts, AND making sure they are in the correct OU. Students need to get access to the resources they need based on the OU they are a part of. Group membership was also key. Currently have about 43,000 distribution lists, which are security groups as well. Important that they are correct and accurate because access and security are based on these groups.

One of the keys from Neal is working with the whole team, lots of conversation, stand-up meetings to see where things are at. Cutover was very straightforward. Went live, and no one noticed anything – it just worked!

Entire project was no more than eight months, likely as little as six months. Most of contact with Avaleris was through conference calls and Skype. Very few in person meetings.

What is next in Phase Two?

Next step is to expand to corporate systems. Role based. Identify roles and responsibilities and setup security and permissions to everything they need.

Also looking to implement password self serve. Already a premium Azure license, so can easily put this in at no net cost.

Some of the fun things Peel is doing now. Using Azure premium, can create a separate application portal, and distribute apps to kids so they can manage their own identity. Allows transfer of credentials into various applications as students work in different areas. Using Azure Business 2 Consumer (B2C), releasing a parent portal, so parents can login what whatever their credentials are (google, etc.) and then can access the information they are supposed to.

Neal reminded us that lately it seems that in education we have really good access to Microsoft experts. He told us stories of some of the incredible folks that his team has been able to interact with.



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