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Microsoft CLC – Keynote – Transform Your Imagination into Reality

October 21, 2015

CLC Graphic

2015 Connected Learning Conference

Long Live Learning

#MSFTCLC #LongLiveLearning

Marc Seaman welcomed everyone this morning.

Keynote: Transform Your Imagination into Reality
Corrine Hoisington, Professor of IST, Central Virginia Community College

Corrine is a very dynamic presenter who brings a lot of energy to the room. She started out with some great, loud music, and had everyone up and dancing to Nae Nae

Step 1: Model, Model, Model

  • Master the same technology that you expect your teachers to use
  • Positive attitude toward innovation setting a tech savvy climate
  • Instead of sending weekly memos and meeting minutes, create a Sway
  • Create training modules using Office Mix for follow-up training

Corrine reminded us that it’s more than just an e-mail, bu we put a little more work into it, and more people will be interested in reading and keeping up.

Lead them to opportunity –

Step 2: Stay Current with Technology Trends

Imagine This:

Corrine showed the Lily Video…, should be about $699 in CDN funds.

Drone Testing in Canada include:

  • Intersection of photography and engineering
  • Mappy uncharted territories
  • Facilitate Building Inspections
  • Wildlife and farming inspections
  • Agriculture Environmental Conditions
  • Designing and building Drones

Ambulance Drone

Testing in Toronto a Defibrillator Drone -> Can get 2 KM in 2 minutes.

Augmented Reality

  • New IKEA catalog does augmented reality. Can see how furniture will look in a room.
  • Oreo ads.

Corrine had a number of sample ads that you could combine with Aurasma to see all kinds of extra details. Some folks are using to put something on the back of their business cards with a full resume, video, all kinds of details.

Mobile Movement: History will show that mobile technology will be the catalyst of the greatest revolution in education because it is putting the learner in the drivers’ seat.

Step 3: Motivate and Empower

Move Onward. Try new things first. Try to get people to follow. Leave the “I’ve always done it this way” behind.

Three stages of adopting new technologies

  • Instructors must want the desired outcome
  • Instructors must believe it is something they can do
  • Instructors must feel that the effort is worth the final result

Teachers will not use it unless they are fully confident that they can do it.

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time. Rabindranath Tagore

Strive for Excellence

  • Innovator’s Group
  • Pilot Program – find all the bugs that you can and work them out before going to the next level
  • Hands-On Training – Make and Take, they can get the product and use it right away.
  • Resources & Follow Up

Why Teachers Resist New Technology….

  • Fear
  • Low Confidence in their tech skills
  • Consumerism – social networks/entertainment
  • Lack of Clear Direction
  • Inconsistent Paradigms – I have 3 computers?
  • Humility – Why do I need technology?
  • It’s Optional – Never say the word “optional”
  • Computers Oversold and Underused
  • Frustrating Regulations – need boundaries, but need to be able to teach.

Imagine a New Direction

Corrine reminds us that we live in a reality where change has to happen and it is happening faster in spite of ourselves. But we need to ensure that our teachers are comfortable, ready, and can take it on. If they aren’t ready, then they will be behind, and this is harder on the students than we think. Devices are becoming smaller, more portable, more connected, more wearable, more lightweight.

Are we creating an environment or a culture where we are looking forward to the future and the change that is coming, or are we trailing behind?



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