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Microsoft CLC – Microsoft Cloud and Office 365 with Upper Canada DSB

October 20, 2015

CLC Graphic

2015 Connected Learning Conference

Long Live Learning

#MSFTCLC #LongLiveLearning

Realizing the Potential with Microsoft Cloud and Office 365 Managed Services
Jeremy Hobbs – Upper Canada DSB
Riyaz Lalani, Itergy

Jeremy connected to our room via telephone while Riyaz was here in person. They jointly presented a lot of details around how and why Upper Canada District School Board is using Cloud services with Microsoft tools. It was a very excellent presentation.

Upper Canada District School Board – Why Cloud

  • Strong imperative to save money, increase speed of deployment and breadth/quality of service
  • Shift mature services out of data center so scarce staff can focus on new value
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Education
    • Exchange Online
    • Skype for Business
    • OneDrive for Business
    • SharePoint Online
  • MyFamilyRoom Parent Portal (parents can see calendars, schedules, and all kinds of stuff, even contacts, call-outs)
    • Microsoft Azure
      • Microsoft Azure Access Control Service (ACS)
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Upper Canada District School Board – Benefits

  • Strategic use of resources and talent
  • Issue prevention and reduction
  • Faster resolution
  • Positive community feedback
  • An office 365 infrastructure that is always up and running to allow 21st century learning

Cloud Roadmap

  • Continue to develop and scale MyFamilyRoom with new services – mobile, absence management, mobile payments
  • Develop, extend and integrate Office 365 – replacement of web footprint and internal employee portal, addition of new functionality
  • Evaluate other candidate services for move into cloud

The Digital Plumbing – Getting it right for 21st Century Learning

It’s important to have Active Directory setup correctly. Directory sync, system management either on premise or online. What other services are we running on premise that really could be moved to the cloud and function that much better. If you’re not ready, you will see all kinds of issues as you get started.

Office 365 Infrastructure

  • Hybrid Infrastructure
    • Exchange client across servers
    • Mailbox replication endpoints
    • Autodiscover
    • Mail routing
  • Federation
    • ADFS for single sign on
  • Synchronization
    • Windows Azure Active Directory Synchronization

Microsoft Support Model – Challenges

  • Your IT staff must work with Microsoft Staff to resolve incidents, provide access – time consuming
  • Your on-premises infrastructure is not being monitored
  • Your on-premise CI’s must be tracked by your team
  • No visibility for volume of data being used, heavy users, amounts of spam, etc.
  • Your IT staff must manually complete service requests

Itergy has a team that can work with the school jurisdiction on a managed support services contract.

Itergy Model:

  • Single service contact desk
  • Experienced Office 365 support staff
  • Direct relationships with backend Microsoft support teams
  • Internal tools for quickly completing service requests
  • Internal monitoring toolset for monitoring
  • Synthetic logons to ADFS

Itergy Managed Service Support – Key Benefits

  • IT resource availability
  • Improved uptime
  • Updating and patching completed on time
  • Expedited Microsoft Support
  • Expert support

Jeremy re-iterated that we need to put in systems that users can figure out on their own. No one ever received training on how to do their online banking, why do we need to put things into place for extensive training? Good point Jeremy!



One Comment
  1. The last comment is so true, as IT departments start to shrink what we put in place is important and having systems that people can “just figure out” is important. Something pondering to do here.

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