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Microsoft CLC – Edsby – Opening the Walled World of Communication

October 20, 2015

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2015 Connected Learning Conference

Long Live Learning

#MSFTCLC #LongLiveLearning

Edsby – Opening the Walled World of Communication
Ron Plaizier, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB
Karen Woods, Edsby

Karen suggests that we have so many applications and things for teachers to deal with, that it’s too hard for them to be technology integrators. Worry about their SIS, Cloud Apps, Social Network software, training, home grown apps, everything. It’s too confusing.

Edsby suite includes views for students, parents, teachers, and admin. Yet connects with identity management, Sis, google apps, Office 365, other Data stores. And then provides a place for social classroom, assessment and reporting, teacher tools, timetable and calendar, approvals and workflows, group collaboration, analytics Engine.

Edsby founded by John Myers, Steve Asbury, Jon Asbury, and Scott Welch (original FirstClass founders)

IT Considerations

  • No servers to worry about
  • Backups done for you
  • Upgrades done for you
  • Eliminate the need for manual integration on a class by class basis
  • Automated account management: teacher and IT support
  • Supports your organization with trouble shooting
  • No documentation or training resources required
  • Eliminates silos between apps
  • Enhanced Security – custodial or general public

The Kawartha Pine Ridge Story

  • The Challenge
    • Fragmented use of modern social media platforms
    • Privacy / Security concerns
    • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Easier access for Teachers to Student Information
  • Things to Think About
    • Identify all stakeholders
    • Identify all requirements

The Solution

  • Modern and engaging platform
  • Mobility
  • Safe/Secure
  • Access for all, anytime, anywhere
  • Intuitive use
  • Integration

Implementation Process

  • RFP
  • 60 day trial highest scoring proposal
  • Selection
  • Full deployment

The Reward

  • Grassroots adoption by teachers
  • Principals describe it as a “game changer”

Currently use Google Apps, Office 365, MyKPR, Desire2Learn, and all of them integrate well with Edsby, which becomes the core of all of these disparate applications. Within one day they had Edsby integrated with their SIS, all schools and students loaded in.



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