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Washington DC – Day 1

July 2, 2015

Are we good parents or bad parents?

The situation:

  • Just spent the last four days in Philadelphia
  • Told the kids we’re going to New York City (planned for months)
  • Go to the train station, and get on the train
  • Conductor comes by and says “Going to Washington, DC?” (Because that’s the train we’re on)
  • This was planned all along…

Are we good parents, or bad parents?

So far the kids think it’s pretty good. They were all set for NYC, and we’re still going there next week, but instead of going right away, we’re taking a four day detour in the nation’s capitol. And, yes, it will be for the Fourth of July! Yep! Not going to Calgary Stampede this year, going to a quieter place…;) Right.

Here is the big Amtrak sign at 30th St. Station in Philadelphia. This is a gorgeous station, and the numbers and letters actually flip! If you look closely, you can see Train 125 is from New York, but it doesn’t say where it’s going. That’s our train, heading to Washington, DC, and then to Norfolk


Here’s a YouTube video of the sign actually flipping through some of the words / lines…

This is our train arriving. They have this down to clockwork. All of us are shunted onto the platform and ready when the train arrives. I bet it was stopped for less than 3 minutes. And then we were on our way…. to New York? Ha! Kids still don’t know where we’re going!


This one is a little blurry, all of us in the train. And nope, they still don’t know where we’re going! But Katherine is a little suspicious, she’s thinking we are not going in the right direction to go to New York….


Okay, the jig was up when the conductor came by. Here’s a quick snap of part of the inside of Union Station in Washington, DC.


So a quick Uber ride to our place, and get settled in. Decided it was early enough, let’s take a walk, get some supper, and see some sights! First stop, Five Guys with Fries. We were hungry, it was like close to 5, and we hadn’t eaten since 10 AM. They have the best pop machines! Here is a selfie with the incredible “choose your own flavour” Coke machine. Yep, you can make just about anything. Had a Cherry Vanilla Coke, Raspberry Coke, and finished with a Coke with Lime. Awesome!


We thought, hey, what can we find nearby?


Yup! The Whitehouse is only a few blocks away! Yes, we have some much better pictures, and we’ll post them upon our return, but here’s a quick one with Josh and I!

Here’s a firehall we saw on the way home…. A firetruck arrived just as we were coming, so we got to watch the driver do his best to back the large truck in. I’d say he had barely enough (inches) clearance between the walls and his mirrors. Had to try it a couple of times. No video, sorry. Too much respect for these guys.


Okay, so everyone is tired, walked quite a bit. Stopped at a grocery store for some breakfast goodies and some snacks, and back to plan the weekend….

Next up: (Friday) – Smithsonian Day! Stay tuned!


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