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ISTE 2015 – Attack of the Gadgets

July 1, 2015


This series of posts is from the ISTE 2015 conference, and they reflect my notes from various sessions. – Todd

Leslie Fisher


Leslie did a fantastic job of talking about and demonstrating some really interesting products. She has a singular sense of humour and presentation style that will either annoy you terribly, or you’ll find it exceedingly engaging. For me it cycles between both fairly regularly. Regardless she reminds us of some of the cool things that are out now, and also some really unusual upcoming products. Start your Christmas shopping early!


  • Case that you put your phone in, and can print out a business card sized photo


  • Drone that will follow you, and record you on video
  • Water proof
  • Coming out soon.


  • Uses the electrical activity of your muscles to wireless control computer

Kolibree Toothbrush. Monitors brushing habits and reports back to kids, parents, etc.

HAPIFork: keeps track of your eating habit pace, time, etc. and alerts you when things are going wrong. $100 available now. Shakes the food off the fork.

V2 Pavloc

  • Personal coach, set goals if you don’t meet those goals, it zaps you. Will even post on your Facebook page shaming you. Meet goals, get money, miss goals, pay money to other Pavlok

Money Shredding Alarm Clock

  • You Snooze, You Lose
  • Time is money
  • Every time you hit snooze it chews up your money!
  • It’s just a concept, for now.

Fitbit Charge

Amazon Pivotal Tracker: $15

Jawbone Up 3: coming soon

Garmin Vivosmart: Tracks everything, very nice interface, text messages, and can be toggled by swiping

Android Wear


Apple Watch

  • You take out your phone less
  • Battery is MUCH better than expected
  • Think of it as Cliff Notes like Apps that get pushed to your phone.
  • Suggestion. You do not need to run all the apps it wants to. Turn off all the notifications right away.


  • Medical grade
  • $199
  • Monitors stress levels and can warn you at particular thresholds
  • Can also monitor for possible epileptic seizure and warn multiple people via an app
  • Open API for additional monitoring

Project Tango

  • By google
  • Uses advanced components in the phone to design a 3D space in real time
  • Will allow for quickly rendered advanced real space interaction
  • Turn your living room into an interactive game

Microsoft Hololens

Magic Leap


  • Converts from sign language into audible speech
  • Customized a Leap Motion to attach to an iPad, sees the sign language moving
  • Price point of $700, $20 maintenance fee

The QBall

  • Throwable dodge ball with a microphone built in
  • 900ft DEC 6.0 Range
  • Can hook into desktop speakers or high end AV Systems
  • $150
  • Taking orders now. Shipping soon?


  • Tactile use of an iPad with external stuff
  • Row 900ish
  • $79


iPevo Interactive Whiteboard

  • Puck beams against the wall, use a wand, which can control the whiteboard
  • $169
  • Wireless product
  • iZiggi HD wireless doc cam
  • Can connect to your iPad or Android tablet too.
  • $159

Mac User

You can use QuickTime player to connect your iPhone camera to your Mac and display your iphone on your desktop

Video Switchers


  • App that solves math for you.
  • Free

Pixel Press Floors

  • Download specialized grid paper
  • Draw the objects
  • Turns the objects into a playable game on the app


  • Attach to your iPhone and download your data onto a secure credit card
  • Uses touch ID to activate and change card display
  • App keeps track of all purchases
  • Also handles loyalty and gift cards
  • $155
  • Summer 2015


  • C5 lights, holiday lights
  • Can change any bulb, can have up to 500 strings of bulbs
  • Different displays to choose from
  • Speed, direction, and music visualizer
  • $50 per string


  • WiFi sprinkler controller that uses NOAA to adjust your water schedule
  • Unlimited programs with all sorts of variables
  • App allows remote access into the device
  • $249
  • Average home will use 50% less water with this device

Bunch O Balloons

Internet Arcade



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