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ISTE 2015 – Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers

June 30, 2015


This series of posts is from the ISTE 2015 conference, and they reflect my notes from various sessions. – Todd

Tammy is a lot of fun. She has so much content, that I’m sure she could fill three hours, and it would seem like only 5 minutes. Tammy showed a lot of quick tips and tricks. Thanks Tammy for expanding our minds again!

Tammy Worcester

Tammy’s Handout

Tammy reminded us that she loves Evernote, and it’s so easy to put your handouts and notes in there and publish to the web super simply. Can just update the information, and it’s automatically posted to the Internet.

Skitch notes in evernote, easy way to quickly take screenshots. Keeps all pictures you’ve ever taken, has a built in blur tool. Really also great for quick sketching / drawing. Can fix up your colours, etc.

Google Maps – Measure Distance

You can right click on a place on the map, choose Measure Distance, and then click on another part of the map, and you have the distance. Can do short distances. If you do long distances, say from Asia to North America, and you’ll get a curved line. Once you’ve created a path, you can also change it, by grabbing the path, and moving it around. Can even measure a walk.

Game based on Google Maps. Trivia questions to help you find places on the map. Incorrect answers will add “miles” on, and once you are 1,000 miles you’re done.

Google “Timer 5 minutes” will start a timer.

What if you have sound coming from a tab? Chrome will now put a speaker in the tab title, so you know where it is. Can also make the timer go full screen.


Gmail add-on. If you get a message from someone, you can tell Boomerang to bring the message back to your inbox at a future date/time. Can put messages together, and then “Send Later” and even exactly what time it should be sent, or to send you a note if someone doesn’t respond within a certain period of time.

Google Drive

You could create a file, make it view only, and then have students make a copy of the file, and go to their drive. Now it’s easier, works in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can setup a template and let others use it. Create a document, set the sharing to view, and that gives you a shareable link. You take that address, and see where it says “edit” in the URL, so you just change that word “edit” to “copy” which forces the student to make a copy in their drive.

Docs and Research Tools

Can pull down the Research option in the Tools menu, which will take you to Google Research. Can preview information, can insert link which will take someone directly to the information. And can also “Cite” information, which will put the superscript in, and then put it in as a footnote. You can even choose items that are free to share or modify. And even choose the citation format.

Google Slides

Much easier to add images than ever before. You can insert, you can take a snapshot, you can even do a search from within the insert screen. Or you can go to Research item in Tools, and add pictures again that way. If you do it using the research tool, it brings in the source of the image with it. Very nice.

Google Sheets Notebook

Can make a nice looking notebook in Google Sheets. Makes a nice sheet to look like lined paper, by adding borders and colours.


Random Generator

Add-on for sheets. Can add it, makes a box on the right hand side, select the choices you need (between x and y), generate a random number as much as I want! Can create a custom list, and have random items chosen from there. You could add your own list of class names here too. To create a list, type the information into a handful of cells in the spreadsheet, then import the list, and highlight the cells you want. Could generate random strings, ie. for passwords. Therefore can use to setup teams too, with names from your custom list. Can even use to “flip” a coin. Uses a simple formula to insert the head or tail of a coin.

Scheduling things, like parent teacher conferences, or potluck dinners:

Create a simple form, have multiple choice options in the form. Add-on Choice Eliminator. Will add a pane on the right hand side of the page, select your question, choose the “choice options”, and then you can tell how many things you want of the multiple choice. ie. 3 main dishes, 5 desserts, etc. Now as items are selected, options are eliminated. Very, very cool. Would be a really good way to setup interview times. Unless everyone is in the form at the same time.

iPad / iPhone

Open QuickTime Player, and do a movie recording, and it will pull directly from your connected iDevice. Then you can show things from your iDevice onto your computer. And therefore you can also record right into your computer.

App – The 7 Minute Workout

App – Lark (fitness and health) like a coach, remind you to exercise.

App – Photo math, using camera, can help solve math problems.

App – Google Translate, can translate using the camera in your phone.


Apple Preview, you can scan in a signature, and then use it as a signature in many places as needed.



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