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ISTE 2015 – Google Apps for iPads

June 30, 2015


This series of posts is from the ISTE 2015 conference, and they reflect my notes from various sessions. – Todd

Google Apps for iPad – Kasey Bell


Presentation is at:

Kasey started off by showing the “Google Dial-up Mode” video. Kasey’s fun playlist. Kasey’s presentation was walking us through the various Google Apps for iOS and what they can do, and where you could use them.

When Google Apps first came out, you really couldn’t do it very well on your iOS device, you really couldn’t do Google well on iOS. But now they have released a number of great apps for iOS.

Google Now: Google’s Intelligent personal assistant. “Okay Google”

Gmail – better and faster than native Mail app. Connect and check multiple accounts.

Google works best with Google. That is, the various apps work together better than working with other apps.

Chrome allows for other apps to be a part of Chrome now, like LastPass, etc.

Google Calendar

  • Beautiful GCal Material design
  • Syncs other calendars, like Outlook / Exchange and iCloud
  • New! 7-day view, add Google Drive attachments to events, directly open maps.
  • Note: iphone only, no month view

Calendars 5 (Readdle)

  • Syncs with GCal (and others)
  • Mimics GCal features
  • “Freemium” – worth the $6.99 full upgrade
  • Colour coded, month view

Google Drive

  • Access all your files in one place
  • Make any file available offline
  • Integrates with the new Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps
  • Access/ manage multiple accounts
  • Passcode protect your accounts
  • New in iOS 8: Upload files from other sources (including iCloud)!

Google Slides

  • Can add and edit images, not video yet.
  • Can now present with Chromecast or Airplay
  • Present directly from your device
  • Edit Microsoft PowerPoint files

Google Classroom

  • Drive management for Assignments
  • View classes
  • Collaborate with students in real time
  • Open and edit assignments
  • Students can work on assignment on their iPad
  • Create and edit assignments
  • View, grade and return assignments
  • Exchange private comments with students about their assignments
  • Co-teachers can now create and grade assignments
  • Snap a picture and add it to the assignment
  • Note: Google listens to your feedback.

Google Maps

  • Better than Apple Maps!
  • Voice-Guided GPS
  • Traffic conditions at your fingertips
  • Integrates with your Google account
  • Save locations and access across devices

Multimedia Apps


  • Video learning at your fingertips
  • Upload directly to YouTube
  • Access and edit playlists and favourites
  • Subscribe to channels
  • Check out Google App Show

YouTube Kids

  • Designed for kids to navigate
  • Kids can enjoy favorites like Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, and Dreamworks
  • Kid friendly channels and playlists
  • Settings for parents

YouTube Capture

  • Capture video and edit
  • Trim clips
  • Add soundtrack
  • Color correction and stabilization
  • Upload directly to YouTube

YouTube Creator Studio

  • Easily manage your YouTube Channel
  • Filter and respond to comments

Google Photos

  • Auto-Backup and Sync (Free unlimited storage)
  • Save storage space
  • Organize Photos (face matching technology)
  • Visual Search
  • Create interactive stories, animations and more!
  • Share!

Photo Sphere

  • Create beautiful 360 degree photos
  • Up to 50 megapixels
  • Publish to Google Maps
  • Explore immersive 360 degree panoramas across the globe
  • (Note: iphone 4 can’t create)


  • Enhance, transform and share photos
  • Professional level photo editing / retouching
  • Copy edits from one image to another
  • Google + integration

Other Apps

Google Cardboard

  • Easily transform a smartphone into a virtual reality device
  • Inexpensive
  • Transport students into a new learning environment
  • Google Expeditions

Google Translate

  • WordLens integration: point your camera at any text and see it auto-translate
  • Listen to translations spoken aloud (80 languages)
  • Translate speech and handwriting
  • Star  your favourites

Google Voice

  • Make calls with Google Voice acct
  • Receive calls on the phone of your choice
  • Send calls straight to voicemail
  • Send free text messages to US numbers
  • Access voicemail with transcription


  • Easily cast video and other content from your device to your TV
  • Only $35
  • Growing number of apps available
  • Use iPad to personalize backdrop with art, news, your photo albums and more

Photowall for Chromecast

  • Collaborate with images on your Chromecast TV
  • Share a video of the photowall to YouTube


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