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ISTE 2015 – LOL@ISTE: Again, yes, this will be on the test

June 29, 2015


This series of posts is from the ISTE 2015 conference, and they reflect my notes from various sessions. – Todd


Okay, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect with this session. I was looking at my morning plan, and had to choose between four different sessions, and I thought to myself “self, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from some Pennsylvania technology leaders?”

I arrived about 20 minutes early, and got a front row seat. (I like the front because easiest to hear, see, and engage with presenters  – especially those who think they have a strong teacher voice. I had my phone out, and my incredible Zagg pocket keyboard, and was poised, ready to take notes. Ready to learn. Fully prepared to expand my horizons and stretch my mind.

As the start time approached, I could tell I was in the right room. Every seat was being taken. There was no room left for anyone. The various presenters obviously have an excellent relationship with each other – they were laughing and smiling as they waited for the session to begin – an easy comfort with what promised to be a brilliant and thought provoking, ground shaking panel discussion.

And then it began.

And bedlam reigned.

So really, the goal of this incredibly talented group, was to make us laugh. Using a combination of depricating humour, crazy jokes, descriptions of real-life examples, and mind-numbing pictures, they made us laugh until it hurt.

Each presenter participated in a 5 minute production that alternately made fun of each other, of technology, students and teachers, and how the world works. It was a riot! You almost didnt stop laughing! Whether it was Michael wearing a paper bag over his head to ensure teacher privacy, or Gary poking fun at everyone, or Sean wearing a wig, the morning was fantastic!

This session was a great reminder for me on how important it is to have good relationships with your co-workers so you can have fun, as well as remember some of the lighter part of the work we all do. A session like this should be a must for any large group gthering.

Thank you PAECT for starting my day with a smile!

We finished the day with a coompletely butchered Beatles song I got you babe, with pad – I got iPad, etc

And then Saul wrapped up with: Questions (if you dare) Answers (if we choose)

Well played PAECT, well played!



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