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ISTE 2015 – Google Drive Apps You’ll Love

June 29, 2015


This series of posts is from the ISTE 2015 conference, and they reflect my notes from various sessions. – Todd

Christopher Craft @crafty184

@murrkate and @savisuzi sitting next to me

Chris reminded us that you need an actual device (laptop, Chromebook) for most of today’s conversation, although iPads and other things can be used for some examples.


Creates a live session that folks can participate in your presentation while you are presenting. They can also respond and interact with you as you are doing the presentation. Like Google Slides, but with a whole lot more features. Like adding to pictures, answering questions, and all kinds of fun things. The teacher can see all the responses and can choose to see them when they want, and share them if they want. If you have the Peardeck school product, then you can see all the students accounts and know who is who. Students can provide feedback.

And of course we ran into some network contention problems, and things slowed down to a crawl with the wi-fi.


Can upload and collaboratively edit video. Great way to get kids fired up about video editing, and getting them to work together.


Chrome App to do picture or graphic editing. Browser based, integrates with Google Drive. All the basic picture editing pieces, like crop, colour, rotates, text, overlays, etc.


Allows you to leave voice comments in google docs. Highlight and speak to give verbal feedback. Makes it really easy for teachers to comment, and the verbal feedback feels a lot better, than just written feedback. It “softens the blow.”

Twisted Wave

Like Audacity for Google Drive. Chris daily hosts a podcast with his kids. Usually around a minute each day, and it’s the daily plan.


Google Docs add-in, which is licensed free, and royalty free. Just loads up in a bar on the right hand side – you search, and drag and drop.

Easy Accents

It’s normally difficult to add accents, but with this add-on, can add accents very easy and quick.

Twitter Curator

Allows you to search for hashtags. Wouldn’t it be fun to aggregate data from a Twitter hashtag. Will download into a Google Spreadsheet all the tweets with that hashtag. Incredible way see trending data.


Docs add-on, capture your signature, and you can add it to a PDF, and then distribute as necessary. Even drag a date over, and send it back. And it can save automatically to your dropbox or your google drive.

Daum Equation Editor

Web-based equation editor. Then save as text, save as an image, AND save to Google Drive. This is cool because now you can add it into Google Doc, and Google Forms with a picture question.

Crafty’s Extensions

CraftyLevel, CraftyRights, CraftyText

FYI –  Google releasing first developer API for Google Classroom today…. And released code for buttons, so you can add code directly to your website only..

A huge thank you to Chris Craft for a very enjoyable and interesting presentation!



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