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IT4K12 – OS X / iOS Management

June 4, 2015

IT4K12 2015

I have an opportunity to be at BCERAC’s IT4K12 conference in Vancouver June 4/5, 2015. These posts are my notes from the various sessions.- Todd

Vancouver School Board

Aris Tan, Danny De Dios

Mac Mini Server, 3,000 iPads + 3,000 more iPads to be enrolled.

Apps Management on iPads – Meraki

  • Create a vpp account for paid apps for each site
  • Create a standard set of free apps for secondary and elementary schools
  • Create a standard set of paid apps for secondary and elementary schools

In Meraki:

  • Use Time Based Tags to Enable / Lockout App Store
    • Put a restriction profile on all iPads, no flexibility
    • time tags provide flexibility
  • Restrict Access to View All Devices <- so school techs can use Meraki without looking into devices that they shouldn’t have access to.
  • Setup restrictions so that after school, the app store is active, so updates can happen, etc.

Currently do all of their work with Configurator

Currently not using DEP.

Suggested acquiring the VPP license from Apple for software like Pages, etc. as soon as the PO is sent in for new iPads, then the licenses are available as soon as the iPads arrive.

Not printing from iOS devices at this point. Philosophically the process is not supported.

Lots of chatter around the room, having to create AppleID’s, having the 24 hour limit, managing lots of iPads. People are hoping Apple will have a method to manage AppleID’s and do them in bulk. It was hard for some people to NOT give the presenters advice.



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