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IT4K12 – Ignite Session

June 4, 2015

IT4K12 2015

I have an opportunity to be at BCERAC’s IT4K12 conference in Vancouver June 4/5, 2015. These posts are my notes from the various sessions.- Todd

The Ignite session today has four presenters, each with 5 minutes each and a number of slides and everything on a timer. So it all goes very fast and sometimes the slide goes before the presenter is ready to go. It’s a fun way to do a couple of presentations.

Andy Canty – Victoria School Board

Humans of K-12

Who are the customers in K-12? We do all this tech and activity, but do we know who are customers are, and do we understand their experience and how tech impacts them. We know that students are the customer. How are we connecting the communities? Is technology helping us understand communities better?

What about our students with special needs? Have we asked them and found ways to help them?

Have we made the technology seamless, so that when a classroom is doing a video conference across the world, and they’ve been building up to this for a number of months. Was the classroom experience fantastic?

What is the parent experience with or without technology in the school? Do we make them queue up outside in the rain, or do we just make it work for them? Are parents wanting live streaming during grad ceremony? Who is manning the camera, and uploading the video?

Are we in contact with our other departments, like facilities? Is our Board a customer? Are there Key Performance Indicators available to them?

After all of this, what our our customers future needs? Are we thinking into the future?

Be obsessive about the customer experience. Gather feedback often and respond quickly.

Who are the IT staff? How are we working day in day out to make all this happen?

We are also customers. How do I make my life easier?

Dan Turner – Surrey School Board

High Performing Teams. We’ve seen a huge change in 10 years. In 2005 response rate was sometimes 2-4 weeks, and now we’re in hours or minutes.

Type A, Type B, and Type IT folks

Who are our players?

How do we build a high performance team? Help people be more open and flexible. We need a culture of performance, and a strong cohesive team. Start with Shared Goals and Vision.

We all agree on the power of collaboration, but how do we get people to collaborate formally and informally.

Communication is critical, can have some structure and some unstructured.

Need to focus on knowledge and skills.

Spent some time on working on the space that their team is working in.

Ted Pennell – Victoria School Board

Embracing Change and Investing in the Future

Digital Literacy Characteristics – what does the student need to be successful in the digital world?

Can we map student access with their passion?

Are we embracing a culture of “yes” instead of the tradition of “no”

We’ve spent a lot of years creating an enterprise environment that works and that everyone can depend on. Yes it works, but at what cost? Learning in the classroom is anything but structure and organized. Can’t we accept this and move on? It’s okay to have 30 images.

It is going to be messy. That’s okay. It’s not always going to work. There will be a variety of tools that we need to support. Let’s figure out how to support the teachers, the students will be fine on their own.


10 – teachers that get it anyway

10 – teachers that will never get it

80 – focus on this group. They want to try.

Cloud Computing – embrace it, it’s hear to stay – Google, Microsoft Office 365

Are you mobile-aware and mobile friendly?

Next Generation Network – Examine your LAN and make sure it’s not going to get in your way.

Brian Kuhn – Vancouver School Board

The Future

Scenarios, Predictions, Foreshadowing, Pace of Change

Until the written word was invented, knowledge was passed person to person.

Printed word was really like the first incarnation of the Internet

Radio makes information travel through the air instantly

Television – changed the game

Computers – Thomas Watson from IBM figured we’d only need 5 for the whole planet.

Exponential Change -> things are changing so FAST

Map of the Internet in January 2005. Innovation. New tricks. Send money via phone to another person.

Robots – becoming friendly and easy to program by just about anyone. Can just train.

IBM Watson – Artificial Intelligence

But is there coming a Disruption of Work? How do we prepare kids for the future, where the good jobs may be taken over by automation and robots?

No longer what you know, but what you do with it.

Engaged Learners


Be Informed

Be a Learner

Be a Leader



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