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IT4K12 – Beyond Drill & Kill SAMR over the Rainbow

June 4, 2015

IT4K12 2015

I have an opportunity to be at BCERAC’s IT4K12 conference in Vancouver June 4/5, 2015. These posts are my notes from the various sessions.- Todd

SD79 – Cowichan Valley

Lisa Read and Glen Posey


Did a full restructure of their school setups in about 38 days, closing schools, changing grade configurations. Most equipment was 6-7 years old, took an opportunity to move in a new direction.

The Rules Have Changed

  • Tablet technologies change the rules
  • The desktop is now like Goliath

Cowichan Valley’s Direction

  • Elementary
    • Phase out traditional computer labs in elementary
    • Create learning commons spaces in the labs
    • Desktop is not dead, but only there for specialty applications
    • Computers for schools refurbished laptops for situations where flash is required or a traditional laptop is required
    • Push majority of computing power through the iPad / Tablet
  • Secondary
    • Reduce the number of computer labs
    • Focus lab support on specialty programs
    • All other gear moved to portable and tablet
  • After $, the four key requirements were:
    • Wireless network stability
    • Bandwidth at the door <- late to NGN in roll-out, so have Shaw bringing Internet to the door
    • Cloud storage that meets privacy – OwnCloud
    • Culture change away from labs and to inquiry

SAMR Model Explained <- YouTube Video

Mobile technology chosen, and apps selected are heavily influenced by SAMR model. Not wanting to just make a difference for a particular group of kids, but rather that all kids would be creating content.

Standard Apps

  • OwnCloud
  • Pages
  • Keynote
  • iMovie
  • Book Creator
  • Explain Everything
  • WordPress
  • PLG
  • Plickers
  • Mental
  • Comic Life
  • Animation HD
  • Stop Motion Studio
  • Art Studio
  • QRafter
  • Twitter

How are we supporting our teachers?

  • We’re not going to put out any gear unless we can put some support into our schools. Minimum two hour bootcamp for staff before they receive a new device.
  • Mentorship Program
    • Everyone has a primary and intermediate mentor paired with a couple of teachers in the schools
    • Embedding mentor teachers in each elementary school
    • Commitment to two years in the program
    • Coach at least one learning teacher per year
    • Goal by the end of 2 years is to have over 50% of teaching staff in our elementary schools comfortable with iPad, OwnCloud and standard apps
    • To allow our district Learning Initiatives Team to put their skills together in one project.
      • Literacy, Aboriginal Education, Technology
    • To provide teachers an opportunity to explore:
      • Inquiry
      • iPads and eBook authoring
      • etc.

Tying it Together

  • OwnCloud
    • Adds more value to the iPad
      • It becomes a multi-user device
    • Extends the classroom
    • Supports collaboration
    • Allows communication to parents
      • Using student’s access
      • Emailed link from the teacher
    • Cross platform – App or browser

Every school has an OwnCloud server box. Had to do a little bit of work with DNS to ensure that students in the school were accessing the local OwnCloud server.

Try to ease their sign-in headaches, every student uses their eSIS number. (6-7 digits). Name is student number, password is assigned. Use same password for OwnCloud, School Network, WordPress, as many places as possible. Hopefully will be used for Moodle in the future.

It was a little work getting setup, had to enter every student number – but you only have to do it once. Hoping for an Active Directory connection soon.

Really haven’t experienced a whole lot of problems uploading final files to OwnCloud. Some exceptions in raw video files, etc.

AppleTV’s in most classrooms, and AirServer for computers connected to projectors.

They also have a nice stand they use in the classrooms to mount an iPad for video, filming, stop motion, etc. First version did not have a place for the rear-facing camera. Also use it as a document camera. About $100 for the stand and the mounting piece. Standard microphone stand.

Sharing and Collaboration

OwnCloud & AirDrop

Teachers will use AirDrop to send files to everyone, and students can share it back, or share it to their OwnCloud folder.

Next Directions

Further supporting redefinition

  • 3D Printing
  • Drones <- not a toy, pre-programmed flight paths, have selected Phantom with GroundStation
  • Helmet / Action Cams


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