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Jay Kay Technology Conference – Scale Computing

May 9, 2015

Scale Computing   Virtualization Made Easy

These are my notes from the various sessions as part of the 2015 Jay Kay Technology Conference. – Todd

Scale Computing

Scott Mann

Built for Midsize Companies

  • Simplicity of a Single Server
  • High Availability of a virtualized server and SAN
  • Scalability of a clustered infrastructure

Provide all the migration tools that are needed. A very simple interface to provision new VM’s. Snapshotting is faster, no tax on the performance when you take a snapshot. Provisions the server automatically around the various nodes.

Everything is done through a web interface. Easy to have a production / DR site. Snapshots can be done every five minutes, and you can throttle the bandwidth used by DR. Currently it is the whole cluster that is sent back and forth. Future release will allow you to be more granular around which virtual server is replicated / snapshotted when.

Upgrading is done by forklift, add another node.

This Summer coming out with tiered storage built into the products too.

Automatic scaling as nodes are connected.

Can add storage-only nodes, can increase memory without necessarily buying a new node.

About Scale

  • Market Leader in Hyperconvergence
  • Integrated IT Infrastructure
    • Unique technology powered by 22 patents
  • Scale’s DNA
    • Radically simplified management
    • High availability designed in
    • Comprehensive support
  • Net Promoter Score: 82
  • Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Government & Defense.

Scale products come with first year of ScaleSupport included. Installation is included.



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