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Jay Kay Technology Conference – Phonak

May 9, 2015


These are my notes from the various sessions as part of the 2015 Jay Kay Technology Conference. – Todd


Dynamic Soundfield

  • Digital Signal, frequency hopping – seems to completely eliminate interference over the traditional FM or Infra-red connection
  • Speaker projects very wide, but not up and down so much. Line Array speakers. Very feedback resistant
  • Feedback reduction algorithm
  • Adaptive sound, so as noise goes up and down in the room, the volume of the soundfield adapts
  • Goes directly to phonak hearing aids, but also personal hearing supports (headphone and receiver)

Lots of inputs. Can easily connect any transmitter, from various microphones, handsets, computers, etc. Primary always overrides other sounds. Can also just mute the primary.

Digimaster 5000 and 7000

7000 has 15 speakers and better transmitter.

This is an incredible project for classroom amplification for everyone, whether they are hearing challenged or not.

Phonak spends $140 M annually on R&D



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