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Jay Kay Technology Conference – NLSS / ISONAS / Brightsign

May 9, 2015


These are my notes from the various sessions as part of the 2015 Jay Kay Technology Conference. – Todd

Next Level Security


Building access. They make a nice IP door access module that connects to a central software. Software to control is free. Web based access is like a one-time cost of about $500. They also make a legacy device to connect your existing door strikes to the ISONAS controller. Works with HID fob, etc. Multiple levels of access to the controller software, so schools can access only their own doors, while Facilities could access any site. Lots of groups, can setup individual schedules, etc.

Need to know if the door supports the strike plate.


Digital Signage to connect to TV. Uses an SD card for storage. Has HDMI in / out, as well as RF, and all kinds of great things. Uses BrightAuthor (free) software application. Really these are individual units, although using a product like Carousel you can do some overall management. When applying changes, you can apply to multiple Brightsign devices, however each device will get the same content. There isn’t a way to have some content coming from say Division Office (standard formats, etc.) and schools simply change the content.

However the price point is very attractive, really looking at about $500 per device, and you can plug in a Blu-Ray or DVD player to it and stream video through, and it has all the inputs you need including VGA, HDMI, Cable, etc.



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