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Jay Kay Technology Conference – Friday Session

May 9, 2015

Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.™

Jay Kay Systems Technology Conference
May 8/9, 2015
Banff Centre

Jay Kay hosts an annual Technology Conference in Banff. They bring together a number of manufacturers who we then have an opportunity to chat and talk with about their current / upcoming products to help us plan. Jamal brings everyone into one place, and while the two days are fairly intense, it is a lot of fun. This series of posts reflect my notes on the various sessions.

Jamal opened the conversation with some introductions and comments about servies.

Services provided by Jay Kay Systems, and partners they work with:

Technology Assessment Profile (TAP) and Implementation

Wireless Survey

Jay Kay will survey for New Networks, Health Checks, Post Installation, and Outdoor. Will do a wireless survey to:

  • Calculate the data rate required, ie. Educational video streaming
  • Identify how many access points you require and the best locations
  • Provide you with the maximum reception, minimize interference, and avoid dead spots in your Wi-Fi

Currently partner with Ruckus Wireless

BYOD Management


  • BYOD Management
  • Traffic Filtering
  • Application Management
  • Fast Network Performance
  • Layered Security Architecture

Network Security

Partner with Fortinet


AI product which pulls and analyzes data and presents in a way that makes the data more useable and user friendly. Ideally will track all kinds of information and help you make decisions and review threats and impact.

Video Physical Security

  • Wired and wireless IP video security cameras
    • Stealth surveillance cameras
    • Vandal-proof cameras for public areas
    • Night vision security cameras
    • Pan-tilt-zoom cameras
  • Infrared Illuminators for night-vision security cameras
  • Monitors and mounts for all video surveillance camera equipment
  • Video monitoring right to your cell phone
  • Electronic door locks

Utilize systems from Next Level Security Systems, and cameras from Axis Communications. Both considered best of breed with their associated equipment.

Access Control


Strictly designed for access control. Reader connects directly to the network, and is controlled by a central server. No control panel, easy to scale up. Reader is an IP device. Can also do a wireless reader. Controller is software based, system is incredibly easy to expand.

Data Centre Optimization

Jay Kay can help with this through reducing utility costs, improving utilization and efficiency. They have some great products for providing power, extending run time as well as increasing KVa. Prefer working with Eaton. Which is a fantastic product, providing run-time in the case of power outage

What is an Ethernet Fabric?


  • Optimized for server virtualization and cloud architectures
  • More efficient, higher throughput, lower latency
  • Scale-out vs. scale-up to increase flexibility and reduce cost
  • Simplified deployment and administration

Scalable Infrastructure

Scale Computing Hyper Virtualization. Combines cluster of storage and computing power. Hardware based solution which will automatically move everything around. Cluster automatically adjusts for everything. Open Source software that can migrate VMWare live. No VMWare, no SAN, no VSA. Meant to make virtualization easy and management of it easy.

Infrastructure Solutions


Redwood Lighting. Low-voltage LED to reduce costs and enhance building intelligence.

  • One system for power, control and management
  • Low cost installation and set up
  • High-density sensor network collects data and provides fine control
  • Easy to re-provision
  • Most efficient lighting platform anywhere

Unified Communications and VoIP


FortiVoice IP PBX Phone Systems for Business

Dynamic Soundfield


Soundfield systems in the classroom. Amplified sound for computers, microphones, etc. Connects automatically with Phonak hearing aids. Feedback reduction, can bring the microphone right in front of the speaker. No interference, as they use frequency hopping, digital modulation. Not infra-red, or radio. Adaptive, so volume will automatically change based on room noise. Typically a teacher wears a wireless microphone, which makes it easier for students to hear and understand the teacher, and reduces the strain on teacher’s voice.

Digital Signage


Digital Signage is a highly visible and cost efficient solutions which allows you to communicate with visitors, customers, and employees to provide:

  • Your message to the proper audience at the appropriate time
  • Compelling information in real-time
  • Dynamically changing content
  • Energetic advertising and information

Using LG commercial monitors / TV’s in combination with BrightSign, and can integrate with Carousel

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Solar Power

Technology (Proof of Concept) Lab

Learning and Training Centre

Jamal is offering to do some Ruckus update training. Needs about 12 people to make it worthwhile.

Throughout his presentation, Jamal has a way of engaging the crowd that is fairly unique. He will literally pick you out of the crowd, pass you a microphone, and ask you to talk for 30 seconds about a particular topic. Piece of advice, be prepared with something to say in case Jamal calls on you..;)



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