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Jay Kay Technology Conference – Brocade

May 9, 2015


These are my notes from the various sessions as part of the 2015 Jay Kay Technology Conference. – Todd

Neil Davey
Kaveh Tahani – Systems Engineer (IP)

Where are we now?


  • 2 billion internet users
  • 7 billion mobile devices
  • 1 billion websites
  • 3 billion searches a day
  • 3 million years to watch all video stored on IP networks

Lots of changes, but has the network changed?

Brocade Core Beliefs

  • Open is the future
  • Merchant silicon will be mainstream
  • Network data is a precious resource
  • Policy drives compliance
  • Platforms, not point products
  • It’s all about the ecosystem

Key Architecture Components

  • Overlay and Underlay
  • The New Edge
  • Policy, Control, and Orchestration
  • Virtualized Services

Software Defined Networking is coming. Are we ready for it? Can we address our needs today, and in the future? Brocade switches CLI is virtually identical to the Cisco or HP CLI, so easy to adopt, little training required.

Also have a central management tool – Brocade Network Advisor. Switches can be stacked across distance (IP) instead of a direct connect.

Brocade does have support contracts based on whatever needs you may have. Carries lifetime warranty (campus solutions), software and hardware included. Brocade hardware is priced similarly to the HP.

Neil and Kaveh emphasized how much attention needs to be paid to the cost of managing / monitoring the network and the devices. Though a device may cost a little more, the reduction on management is in theory substantial. Quite a bit of conversation around CAPEX and OPEX and Brocade interested in a subscription model. Network as a Service.



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