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Jay Kay Technology Conference – Axis

May 9, 2015


These are my notes from the various sessions as part of the 2015 Jay Kay Technology Conference. – Todd


Notes, Canon has acquired Axis recently. No changes at this point, perhaps is being used as a revenue stream, but not renaming into Canon. Still do R&D and keep functioning as before.

Lots of features that typically were in the Q series are trickling down to the other lines. Analytics are becoming the buzz this year. Bandwidth is also improving. Adding zipstream to their product line, which should reduce bandwidth by 50% from H.264 levels. Not going to be a feature upgrade to existing cameras, will come in new cameras.

Bringing out a new camera, the P59? a video conferencing camera.

New Forensic Capture, which improves even over Wide Dynamic Range to get more identifiable characteristcs. Integrated into P32 series (recommended P32 series for schools).

Now releasing an Axis camera server that can manage cameras, and show a “map” of cameras and then click on the map to go to the camera. Axis S10 server.



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