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AB Google Summit – Google A-Z

March 3, 2015


Spending Monday and Tuesday in Edmonton at the Expo Centre with 1,000 other folks exploring all things Google Education. This posts and others are my notes from the sessions.

So this is a really interesting session where Aaron and Will ran through the alphabet of cool online tools and Google related functions. They link to so many different ideas in their presentation, you’ll need a few hours just to go through it all!

Aaron Muller (@gerrylazer) and Will Rice

Presentation can be found at

Hangouts on Air -> Great way to quickly capture video for your students. You can share your desktop, do some screencasting, and it publishes directly to YouTube. You can find some at and then to Communities of Practice and COP #4 February After School Specials

Notable -> PDF annotation tool, make comments, share them and return to them later.

Chrome Web Store   notable

Google Now -> Tell you about the world around you, made for everything but Chromebook

Z-Type -> Online space invaders typing game.

Zero Gravity -> Everything falls

Zoom – (Control-0) -> Takes you BACK to 100% if the zoom is odd… Very cool

Timer -> There are some nice little apps or extensions, but Todd likes just Googling “Timer 5 minutes” and letting it count down.

wevideo -> Online video editing system that connects directly with Google Drive. Need good solid Internet to use it well. The basic version is free for education, but you can pay more to get teacher access, etc. Even will do multi-track. But integrates beautifully with Chrome.

Webcam Toy -> Kind of like photobooth. Use your webcam.

Chrome Web Store   webcam toy

Google Flights -> Tell you about all kinds of flight information

Flubaroo -> Create some quick self-assessment quizzes, etc.

Form Mule -> Takes all the fields from the form, and then send to an e-mail. Add-on for Sheets.

Grammarly -> Chrome Extension that takes spell checking to a whole new level, grammar, etc. Note, you have to sign up to something to really take advantage of it. Check it out later.

CTRL-F -> You can search any webpage or PDF. Very easy

CTRL-SHIFT-T -> Re-open the last closed tab

Kaizena -> Which can integrate with Google Docs so you can dictacte to your computer.



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