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AB Google Summit – 30+ Forgotten Buckets of Googlicious Awesomeness

March 3, 2015


Spending Monday and Tuesday in Edmonton at the Expo Centre with 1,000 other folks exploring all things Google Education. This posts and others are my notes from the sessions.

Michael Wacker

Google Tools:

Google URL shortener –

Heather says use “shoutkey” <- very cool product

Google Plus Photos can have “auto awesome” applied to them which takes a series of pictures and it will create a collage, mosaik, and even animate pictures together. Even make a bit of a story….

Google Plus Sharing Streams – Remember you can setup relationships with different streams and show stuff to different groups – up to you to share to your small groups, or public, or circles, etc.

Google Hangouts – Way more than just a skype session, you can share your screen, you can share things like YouTube, you can add different apps to Hangout. You can even have a group chat, with big groups of people.

Google Art Project – Brings the museums to every student

Google Helpouts – Sadly it’s being killed. Can get help in real-time, one to one with someone who can help. Was available for about 15 months, and it uses Hangouts.

Google Books – Can create your own collection, library. If the book is not available online, it can point you to a local library

Google Scholar – Only the “best” stuff, that’s been vetted, reviewed, etc. You can see the citations, how many times has this article been cited, and find more like that.

Google Alerts – You can create one so when folks search, or publish something about something you’re looking for, you’ll get an alert!

Google News – Setup your own personalized news. Customize where the content is coming from you, and the order it shows up, as well as sources you’d like to see it from.

Google Analytics – Can setup for any of your published content. Show you where people are looking at your content from, what they are interested in, how long do they stay, what browser are they using, networks they are on, age of your audience, device connecting type, even mobile / desktop access.

Omnibox – the URL bar. WHOA! You can right click in the URL bar, and choose edit search engines… Any website that you’ve been to, that has a google search, then you can make a shortcut and search that site directly. VERY VERY COOL!

Google Groups – Create groups for whatever you need.

Google Moderator – Setup a moderator, pull in ideas or questions, people can vote ideas up or down, can reply or respond without interrupting the speaker, in a back channel that could be productive.

Google Cloud Print – Setup one time on your computer/printer, then any time you want to print to the printer, you can send a job to it.

Google Translate – It’s not perfect, but it works, and you can help improve it and correct. You can even record from your voice, and have speech to text convert it. Peanut Gallery Films let’s you add speech to black and white soundless films. Can even translate entire web pages.

Easter Eggs – Enter any of the following into a Google Search Bar

Do a Barrell roll
Do the Harlem Shake
Find chuck norris

Google Story Builder

Teach Parents Tech – Lots of 30 second videos to help with tech support. Creates nice messages with videos to answer simple questions.

Google Web Designer – Free downloadable application to create online content. Not on Chromebook yet, but on Mac or Windows. Create all kinds of content, different views, and it tries to do as much of the work for you, and ready to go in HTML5

Chromecast– Remember the coolest part of this is you can select a specific tab to broadcast through to your projector or TV, but you don’t have to keep that tab open, you can switch to something else!

Google Wearables – Glass is going to be dead, watches, etc. is continuing

Google Ideas – Connecting users, experts and engineers around critical issues.

Google Wallet – Can deposit money into it, can connect to your credit cards, available on your mobile device. You can send money through gmail.

Google Keep – Track lists, share with people, quick easy access, setup alerts

Google Music and Google Play – Access your music, set your preferences of music type and listen to the music available to you. Can even create your own radio station with music you are interested in.

Heather says – check out Double Twist, to allow you to convert music from your iCloud to Google Play… 

ifttt – If This then That

Michael had a tonne of extra things to show, but completely ran out of time. Check the link at the top of this document to get to his presentation Everything can be found at his So much that he just couldn’t go over it all. His links and presentation has so much great information!



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