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AB Google Summit – What is on your GAFE Admin Toolbelt?

March 2, 2015


Spending Monday and Tuesday in Edmonton at the Expo Centre with 1,000 other folks exploring all things Google Education. This posts and others are my notes from the sessions.

Kern Kelley

Why Google Apps?

Workflow -> Create / Collaborate / Publish

Why doesn’t Google have a bazillion fonts? Keep it simple, less complicated, and easier to be more universally accessible. Whereas some of the other large scale word processors have so many fonts, but they can’t be replicated everywhere.

Google Data Centers Walk Through <- Very cool tour!

How is Google different than say Dropbox or iCloud? iCould is really i-device specific. Dropbox is sync’ed back and forth, but not something you can all edit. <- I can take all of my data out of Google at any time, my data is not just a silo any more! <- Free to migrate a single user from one domain to another

What if you have multiple accounts? Sometimes it’s easier to use different browsers for different accounts. ie. Firefox for one, and Chrome for another. But you can also sign in and sign out, jumping between different accounts within a browser.

Did you know that you can see “details” on the bottom right hand corner of your gmail screen, which will tell you all of the places you are signed in at once, and you can sign out of all of them at once.

Big benefit is having one login for many services. Also, because it’s cross platform, and generally browser agnostic, it’s pretty portable.

Automatic Backup, automatic save.

Free for Education. Equivalent for business is $50 per account per year.

Use Google Apps for portfolio’s. Kern’s schools actually suggest to kids to get their own domain name, and everything stays there forever, for their entire school career.

Google for Education IT Guide

Google Apps Certified Administrator training

What about Chromebook Device management?

Easy to push apps out!

Connect Apps to Drive. Drive template gallery

Pixlr Editor – full featured photo editor

pixlr editor

Mind Meister – mind mappinug

We Video – Record video, some transitions, text, etc.

Lots of Add Ons right inside of each Doc, or Sheet, or Slide

Ones that Kern likes:


Speech Recognition as part of Apps -> Can record directly into Docs


Research <- under Tools menu. Automatic citation, etc. Careful, as safesearch isn’t 100% dependable in here.

LucidChart for Education -> Diagramming


Flubaroo – self checking quiz

autocrat -> mail merge, pdf files, etc.

Kern spent an hour with us going through all kinds of “smaller bits” of information. Tips he has on different areas, his favourite apps, extensions, etc. We were all over the place, but that was the intent of the session, and it worked very well.



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