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AB Google Summit – Technology is Trust – Keynote

March 2, 2015


Spending Monday and Tuesday in Edmonton at the Expo Centre with 1,000 other folks exploring all things Google Education. This posts and others are my notes from the sessions.

Funny – first thing in the morning – Internet and the network isn’t working yet… here at the Edmonton Expo Centre

Technology is Trust – Kern Kelley

What have you had to re-learn (in the last 5 to 10 years)?

Shopping, taxes, music, etc.?

What was your first computer? Apple IIe, TRS-80, Commodore 64, Tandy TX

Our students first computer? iPad, Nexus

“Printing the New York Times Costs twice as much as sending a free Kindle to every subscriber”

“Technology is anything invented after you were born”

What do our students take for granted?

Satellite photos of their house.

“Free” music from … YouTube

Having a device in their pocket capable of…. everything.

By the numbers

Internet in Real-Time

1903 – Man’s First Flight

1969 – First Man on the MOon

2012 – One Google Search uses the same computing power as the Apollo Porgram

426,000 cell phones – the number retired every day

Reminder about the QWERTY vs. DVORAK keyboard. FYI, can change on a Chromebook at chrome://settings/languages

Don’t forget about how to “filter” and know what is real or not.

Validation is extremely difficult. It is becoming more and more tricky for our students to figure out what is true.

Education is about Trust

Trust = Control -> What happens when students have it

Our job is to help kids, help them learn, help them understand, help them figure out life.



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