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AB Google Summit – Google Classroom Going Paperless

March 2, 2015


Spending Monday and Tuesday in Edmonton at the Expo Centre with 1,000 other folks exploring all things Google Education. This posts and others are my notes from the sessions.

Gilles Theriault from Red Deer Public Schools

Setup is nice and fast, teacher sets up the class, and then you give the students the “code” and they add themselves! So you don’t have to add the students manually yourself, the way you used to have to do it!

And it creates the Classroom right under your Google Drive. Each class gets a folder. You can rename the folders, and you can move them to organize them the way you’d like. Can leave it as “Classroom” if you like, but might be easier to have individual names.

Make sure you pay attention to Naming Conventions! For example, if your Class is called INFO2080, then each subfolder may have INFO2080 as part of the name.

Best part – it’s all live! As soon as you share it, it’s available to your students! As your students are working, you can go in and comment anytime! You don’t have to wait until they are finished, but can go in at any time.

Students can tag their assignments as done or not done. Teacher can go in and show just the “done” assignments or the “not done” assignments.

Teachers can then “grade” the assignment right in the classroom!

Students can “turn in” assignments, and once it is turned in, they no longer have access to the assignment. Unless the teacher turns it back.

Add ons

Goobric and Doctopus are really helpful. Doctopus creates assignment files and folders inside Drive for your classroom. Doctopus is a Sheets Add On to help you setup your assignments.

Chrome Web Store   goobric

When you create a file, say a Google Slides, you can setup so students can view the file, edit the file, or “make a copy for each student”. This sends it to every student, and creates the file in the correct folder in Google Drive.

Goobric allows you to go through each assignment, student by student, moving back and forth. Can comment, can even make audio comments. Gilles suggests it has saved him 90% of his marking time!

Positive – Control :), Paperless, Communication, One place, Never lose assignment, Any where!
Negative – Computers (smartdevice) needed, Late, Links/Forms (not part of classroom yet) 

Gilles walked us through how his classroom is setup, and how he uses Goobric and Doctopus to set things up. He obviously really enjoys his work, and his excitement for using these tools is infectious. His students are very fortunate to have him in their class!

Thanks Gilles!



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