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AB Google Summit – Demo Slam

March 2, 2015


Spending Monday and Tuesday in Edmonton at the Expo Centre with 1,000 other folks exploring all things Google Education. This posts and others are my notes from the sessions.

Jake McEwen (Student) – Sully the SherpaBot

Based on a Chrome App. Double Robotics. App is free, need a $2,500 accessory. Telepresence Robot. Student who could not attend school in person, but can be around through Telepresence.

Varun Maholtra – Save Your Sanity With Synergyse

Synergyse Training Tool. Right inside of Google Apps. Free training for entire admin console. Audio / some video delivery. Free training for Google Classroom for staff and students

Trevor Beck – Auto Populate Your Drop Down Menus in Google Sheets

Self-generating list. Function called “=unique” Then you don’t have to use validation to enter a cell, and the piece will show up in the list. But what about in a google form. Add on FormRanger. Will pull information into a drop down list from a spreadsheet, populate everything automatically. Anything added to the spreadsheet, will be automatically added to the form.

Peter Jones – Herding Cats with Hapara

Teacher Dashboard. Can see the tabs that a student has open, and can send the student a message. Can see student’s work, and copy and paste and e-mail. Also start closing tabs on him.

Austin Taylor (student) – Presentation Animation Demonstration

Presentation Animations. Opened a Google Slide, created a quick image, like a moon. Copied and pasted onto multiple slides and moved it a bit, then if you run the slide show it looks like animation. Kind of like a high-tech flipbook. Very nice. Used the copy animation to the web, publish to the web, show a slide every second.

Paul Brown – Texthelp

Chrome Extension that will read text right away. Largest customers are in Canada. Working on French piece, almost done, will be no additional cost for customers. Developed snapverter on the phone, drop the image file into a folder on the computer, and then read/write can read the file, even if it wasn’t scanned in the appropriate format first!

Lisa Galuga –

Take notes on a video in YouTube and connect to Google Drive. Played a video, and as typed in notes, it timestamped the notes so they would always show at the same time. Can share the result, or export to somewhere else, like Evernote.

Lisa Galuga – EDpuzzle

Insert questions in the middle of a YouTube video

Lisa Galuga – eduCanon

Not sure what this did – had some technical issues.

Michelle Armstrong – Choose Your Own Adventure Can do in Google Forms because of new magic button that says go to page based on answer. Michelle demonstrated a great story setup in google forms.

Emily Fitzpatrick – Mathlete in the Making

How to fake being a mathlete. I can put quick math facts into Google, and I get the answer. What if I add brackets and other math details? Yep, it’s there. What about graphing? Graph y = 3x – 2 yep, works too. Can graph cubic functions too. What if I have to do multiple graphs, just separate by commas. Yep, can also do 3D graph. We can even convert inches to metres, and can even convert volume. What is the tip for a meal, it can work.

David Salmon – Save as Doc and Doc to Form

Two add ons – Save as Doc, and Doc to Form. Save as Doc is for Sheets. Great to take a lot of data and turn into a nice doc, like what did you do for the Summer. – Best add on I’ve seen today!

If I am creating a doc with questions, use Doc to Form and it will take everything and create a nice form.

Tracy Poelzer – Hey Girl… Google Style

Seven Spectacular Slams in One!
Extension – Panic Button, hides everything real quick, when someone comes by.
Extension – Webpage Screenshot <- can edit the content of a webpage. <- make my own conversations
Insert text box over image…

After the Slam

Used KidPicker to select names out of prizes. But it doesn’t seem to track who has won already and remove from the draw…

And I won a prize! A stand-up desk! Wahoo! Amazing, I never win anything! Hooray!



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