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AB Google Summit – Chrome Apps, Extensions, and Add-Ons, Oh My!

March 2, 2015


Spending Monday and Tuesday in Edmonton at the Expo Centre with 1,000 other folks exploring all things Google Education. This posts and others are my notes from the sessions.

Michelle Armstrong


Extensions are small add-ons to the Chrome Browser that allow you to do cool things quickly

You get Chrome Extensions from the Chrome Web Store

They are programs that hack your Chrome, and you have to give permission to hack your Chrome. Don’t go crazy, there are so many out there. Look at how many people have reviewed them.

Awesome Screenshot

49000+ gave it 5 stars. Go to the chrome store, download it, authorize it, and it shows up in your Chrome. Can capture area, part of a page, an entire page, etc. Can easily annotate. Make arrows. Can even blur photos, pictures, etc.

Screenshot Edm Journal

Webpage Screenshot

Similar to Awesome Screenshot, but does one extra thing – has an “edit content”, so you can make changes, and then capture information. Not a great tool for showing to students, but maybe something you can use. It does have a few other pieces it installs.

Chrome Web Store   webpage screenshot


Shows the number of companies that are tracking your movement on a particular page. Watching your click habits. You can turn them off as well. If you turn a company off on one page, that company is disabled on all pages.


This extension will read your text, whatever you can see. Can adjust voice types, and can have a French auction, etc.

Chrome Web Store   speakit

Extension Manager

When you get extension crazy, you’ll have 100’s of extensions, and it becomes fun to manage. This extension lets you see all the extensions you have, and turn them on and off.

Chrome Web Store   extension manager


Michelle’s all time favourite extension. Doesn’t show up in the extension bar. Go into gmail, and you can see it there. Can select a message, and Boomerang a message to come back to the top at a specific time. Message will appear to be gone, but at the selected time, it will come back. It just hides in the boomerang folder, doesn’t really go away. Also gives you an ability to “send later” at a specific time, etc. Therefore can send when you want to send them. Can also boomerang “if no reply, if not clicked, if not opened, regardless” for people who read or don’t read your messages. It’s free for 30 days, and then you only get 10 boomerangs per month. Then you pay about $6 per month for more.

Chrome Web Store   boomerang


Michelle says apps are like glorified bookmarks for websites. Show up in your Apps directory chrome://apps


Remember, when you are using Lucidpress, use your Google Account. Lucidpress is similar in idea to Publisher and Design. Print Quality documents. Educators can request an education license to their premium content!;) Which will also give you license for your students also!

Chrome Web Store   lucidpress

Add Ons

Cool stuff with your Google Docs…. Go into Google Docs, and choose “Get Addons”


Can find synonyms for your words. Great when working in your Google Docs

Spreadsheets add ons are incredible

Yet Another Mail Merge

Basically personalized mass e-mails. Take a spreadsheet, with columns of data, like First name, last name, e-mail address, “picnic”, etc. A column could have any manner of customized information. Go into your e-mail, and compose a message. But now you use “carats” ie “<<” and “>>” and it will pull the information from the spreadsheet. Close the message, so it goes to drafts. Then open the Yet Another Mail Merge add on in your spreadsheet. You can send a test e-mail…

Michelle’s presentation was fantastic! Her humour was excellent, her style was engaging, and we all learned a lot. I really appreciated her taking the time to show us her favourite extensions and apps, helps us to get involved without having to dig through 10 million items! Thanks Michelle!



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